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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: It’s Not You, It’s “Sad Comics For Dirty Lovers”… Hugot

Comic Reviews
February 9, 2015
People almost never want to be sad. We often think that nothing good comes out from such a negative feeling but every now and then someone proves that wrong. Enter Rob Cham’s Sad Comics for Dirty Lovers.

Reading Comics V

READING COMICS V: ‘Alamat ng Panget’ 2K14 Minor Relaunch Party

November 4, 2014
What is Reading Comics? Think of it as poetry reading but with komiks. We have a projector, a sound system, food and drinks, friendship all for you and your love. Awhile, Apol Sta. Maria (A Balut Ate My Luois Vuitton) will have a relaunch party of the new collected edition of his Alamat in Panget & Man...


EVENT: Reading Comics

July 10, 2014
Uno Morato is hosting another geek event at 8 PM on July 12th – Reading Comics – An Evening of Comic Book Reading. Presented by Chamtamaria, the event will feature live comic book reading by local comic book talents: -Apol Sta. Maria (Alamat ng Panget, A Balut Ate My Luois Vuitton) -Dark Chapel...


Adam David and Rob Cham on the RISE

August 30, 2015
Adam David (Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014, Ang Huling El Bimbo) and Rob Cham (Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014, Sad Comics For Dirty Lovers, Light) worked together to bring us a comic that strays from what is usually out there. [CHECK OUT… ABANGAN! Adam David about Komiks atbp] Rise, whi...

Light Cover


Comic Reviews
April 3, 2015
Imagine your reading your favorite comic book. Now remove all the speech bubbles and the narration. Would you still be able to tell what is going on? And if you think you do, are you sure that’s what the authors are trying to tell? Now this is one of the reason why silent comics are […]


LET’S TALK KOMIKS: Finding the “Light” with Rob Cham

February 11, 2015
FLIPGEEKS: Tell us a bit about yourself. ROB CHAM: Hi, I’m Rob. I do illustration stuff as a means of living. I make comics when I can because I love them so. I’m currently employed part-time at Ateneo teaching illustration, and am also employed as an art director for the Diff, a phone case com...


!!!UPDATE!!! KOMIKON X: What is Komikon for you?

November 15, 2014
[!!!UPDATE!!! We’re getting more and more answers from other wonderful people in the local comic book community. Check them out] This Saturday would be The 10th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention – Komikon 2014. This year is a milestone that should be praised to the organizers of this fine eve...


Let There Be LIGHT by ROB CHAM

October 24, 2014
Anino Comics just released an image of an upcoming book by Rob Cham (Abangan, Sad Comics For Dirty Lovers) entitled Light. It is a 100-paged silent comic and it will be printed in a colored format. Light will be released in April 2015.