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LTK Andrew Villar featured

LET’S TALK KOMIKS: Andrew Villar’s 10 things he learned from 10 years of Komiks

April 5, 2016
Ten years from doing komiks, local comic book Ambush creator-cartoonist  Andrew Villar. He has been one of the local comic book veterans who has been using the same creator-owned character til today. I can personally describe him to be like the local Erik Larsen with Savage Dragon. This summer, he gets to ...

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Villar’s ‘AMBUSH: TEAM-UPS’ Heads Off To The Printers

August 28, 2011
Recently, Andrew Villar (Ambush Comics, Boink Comics, Hari: Ang Hero na Emo) has announced that the third compilation of  his Ambush Comics, a weekly newspaper comic strip, is on the way to the printers with the title labeled - Ambush: Team-ups.

FCBD 2018 feat cover

Celebrate FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018 in the Philippines

May 3, 2018
It is that time of the year! It is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)! It is that annual celebration of comic books around the world where participating comic book stores and publishers give out FREE & EXCLUSIVE comic books as a way to thank fans and also attract new readers into comics. It is held every first...

Agents of Ambush: Vacation 10th Year Anniversary Variant Cover

[EXCLUSIVE] KOMIKS PREVIEW: Agents of Ambush: Vacation

April 9, 2016
AGENTS OF AMBUSH: VACATION Story by Andrew Villar & Sam Velasco Art by Andrew Villar Colors by Amos Villar Cover by Andrew Villar Publisher CORE Studios Cover Price PhP 150 Date of Release April 2016 Everybody needs a break. after fighting assassins, zombies and a lethal mutant virus, Ambush is forced ...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: ‘Psycho Sexy Super Magic’ – Strangers in an Even Stranger Land

Comic Reviews
November 24, 2014
Ever tried placing an entire action figure in your mouth when you were a child? If you have, you're not alone. If you haven't, your parents must've kept a really close eye on you.


Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked’s Gigantic FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Plans Revealed!

April 28, 2014
Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked, have teamed up again and has switched to higher gears towards this coming Free Comic Book Day on Saturday! With this awesome team up, we can expect a lot of free FCBD comics for all of us – including Pinoy FCBD komiks, a huge selection of comic books (singles, tpbs, [&...


KOMIKS PREVIEW: Indies Maximus

Komiks Previews
May 5, 2011
INDIES MAXIMUS Story and Art by Ron Tan, Norby Ela, Paulo Sorne, Angelo Tobias, Stong Franco, Jon Zamar, Tepai Pascual, Ariel Atienza, Andrew Villar, Kai Castillo, FPJ Jr., Drew Arca, Carlo Jose San Juan, MD, Omeng Estanislao, Kimberly Dy Buncio, Greco Milambiling, Josel Nicolas, Ernest John Daryll Fiestan...


Creators, Retailers Join Forces to help DeZuñiga on Free Comic Book Day

April 26, 2012
Get your free comics, buy a sketch and help an ailing legendary Filipino artist.   Comic Odyssey and Comicxhub have agreed to open their doors for a simultaneous sketch drive for Tony DeZuñiga on “Free Comicbook Day,” May 5. All proceeds of the sketches that  only cost at PhP 300 minimum. ...


LOCAL KOMIKS Creators Release Two FCBD Comics For 2012

April 24, 2012
This 2012, two local comic book shops sponsored their own exclusive free comic for their own upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2012 events. Comic Odyssey, the leading LCS in the Philippines, is producing ‘FCBD Komiks 2012 #1′, consisting art from many local comic book creators and talents: RH Quilan...


AMBUSH: Crisis In Parallel Earths

August 25, 2011
Two weeks ago, Flipgeeks produced an article pertaining to this one. But, there was a slight "hiccup"... anyway, let's move on. Last two weeks ago...