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Filipino artist ELMO BONDOC joins in to draw on DEADPOOL #13

May 4, 2016
Marvel Comics has recently revealed the roster of artists who will be working on the upcoming crossover between Deadpool and Daredevil.  One of the artists is Filipino comic artist ELMO BONDOC. Bondoc, who have worked on the mini-series Deadpool vs. Thanos, gets to be in the club of Filipinos who gets to w...

Deadpool 13 Cov

Look at funny and mega-violent DEADPOOL #13 pages

May 10, 2016
Recently, Marvel Comics released news that Filipino comic artist ELMO BONDOC is appointed to pencil DEADPOOL #13, the initial issue of an epic crossover that involves Deadpool, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Deadpool #13 has been detailed as an 88-page comic penned by numerous writers and artists. [C...

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The History of Filipino Artists with DEADPOOL

February 5, 2016
[UPDATE: 2/11 – We’ve updated the list. -N] Deadpool was created by Rob Liefield and made his debut in New Mutants #98 back in 1991. The character’s rise to prominence was slow but sure and became a force to be reckoned with through irritating albeit entertaining ways. One of the striking...