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Star Wars vol 3 cov

REVIEW: Prison Break: Star Wars style in ‘Star Wars, Vol. 3: Rebel Jail’

Comic Reviews
August 17, 2016
Jason Aaron writes some of the good stories in the Star Wars mythologies right now. So good that unsurprisingly, Jason got re-nominated for this year’s Eisner’s for Best Writer due to his ever increasing confidence in tone and substance in his storytelling. The new Star Wars story arc entitled REBEL JAIL i...

Jupiter's Legacy 2 #2

REVIEW: ‘Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2′ keeps the ball rolling to greatness!

Comic Reviews
August 6, 2016
If you haven’t been reading Jupiter’s Legacy yet then do yourself a favor and start reading this comic as it’s another piece of proof on how Mark Millar‘s writing is great in each new title. Picking up where where the first issue, Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2 left off, Mark Millar ap...


REVIEW: Millar & Quietly take ‘Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1′ to another Level

Comic Reviews
June 4, 2016
Kick-Ass. Super Crooks. Hit-Girl. Huck. Kingsman. All of these comics books have one thing in common – Mark Millar. Once again after blowing his audience away with Jupiter’s Legacy and Jupiter’s Circle, Millar is ready to present the continuation of it with – Jupiter’s Legacy ...

Star Wars 19 cov

REVIEW: The bitter truth in ‘Star Wars #19′

Comic Reviews
June 2, 2016
To kill or not to kill, that is the situation Princess Leia tries to ponder in the chapter finale of the story arc, REBEL JAIL, in Star Wars #19. After chasing the main antagonist, she and her fellow femme fatales must confront the ultimate test the “Simon-says” character wants to achieve. What makes this ...

Star Wars 18 cov

REVIEW: Time’s running out in ‘Star Wars #18′

Comic Reviews
April 29, 2016
Star Wars #18 is the penultimate chapter of the 4-issue story arc where Princess Leia is literally being tested to her absolute limits. To make things more interesting, the unknown mastermind is getting ahead of the curve while Luke and Han have finally arrived just in time but reserved for the best part &...

Civil War Warzone

REVIEW: ‘Civil War: Warzones!’ is a great sequel after Mark Millar’s Civil War

Comic Reviews
January 29, 2016
WAR. WAR IS STUPID! If there is one mega-comic event tie-in that can be read independently, if not autonomously, outside the Secret Wars main event itself, it’s Civil War: Warzones! Written by rising star comic phenomenon Charles Soule and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, this trade p...

Star Wars 16 Leinil Yu Variant no logo

LEINIL YU & GERRY ALANGUILAN strike back for Star Wars comic

January 26, 2016
Last year, Filipino comic book artists Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan got to handle their first Star Wars project by drawing Lord Vader on Darth Vader Annual #1. [CHECK OUT… DARTH VADER ANNUAL #1 drops today, gets PINOY treatment] As it was mentioned from the article above, this year, they have their...

LTK Leinil Yu featured

LET’S TALK KOMIKS: The Force is Strong with Leinil Francis Yu

December 16, 2015
On this Let’s Talk Komiks, we got to have a chat with Leinil Francis Yu who is one of the main and established Filipino comic book artists in Marvel Comics and in the American Comics industry. We talked about his current project that will be released this week as same as the exciting Star Wars: The Force [...

Civil War 5 2015


Comic Reviews
October 16, 2015
  END IT ALL After all is said and done, the war is finally over, or is it? The creative team of the Secret Wars tie-in Civil War closes virtually any loose-end in its fifth and ultimate chapter which results a mixture of relief for invested readers and fans whose dedications really are devoted for [&...



Comic Reviews
September 13, 2015
ART OF WAR This is it, folks. This is what we are waiting for! Charles Soule has a soul or two left to make the Secret Wars tie-in Civil War one of the best readings so far. I am not exaggerating, but just saying something worth of our time and great comic book appreciation. Soule […]