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Dark Horse Launches GAME OF THRONES Toys On SDCC 2014!

San Diego Comic Con-International might heavily feature comic book debuts, movie highlights and TV series promotions, but a couple of new toys are also set to take stage at the said event’s show floor.

Dark Horse’s 2014 Comic-con exclusive does not only include Itty Bitty Hellboy toys, but they will bring something straight from Westeros. You heard it right, they are bringing in Game of Thrones merchandise to San Diego.

Following the announcement made by Dan Casey, Dark Horse has revealed that they’ll release statuettes of Daenerys Targaryen’s pet dragons, a shield wall plaque and a map marker, all of which are exclusively for sale at Comic-Con International this coming July 23rd.

Here are the goodies that will be available this coming SDCC. Check them out:


Bolton Map Marker

Price: $25.00 |  Production Run: 1,200 | Limit: Two per Person

First, here we have the 4” tall hand-painted polyresin Bolton Map Marker. In the series, we can see Rob Stark conspiring the movement of his enemies with the map of Westeros and a set of map markers – each carved into a represent one of the houses. Yes, that one. The items are reproduced in their real-life size, using the same props as reference. This magnificent map marker will only be available at SDCC.


 Shield of Lannister

Price: $30.00 | Production Run: 2,300 | Limit: Two per Person

Next in the list is for those who are from the House of Lannister by heart. A limited edition of polyresin replica of the great Lannister shield is definitely something you want to wield or perfect for decorating your throne. The shield was 8”x5” and is packaged in a full box with a hook for wall mounting.

 And last but not the least, the 3” tall, 6” wingspan limited edition pewter replicas of Daenerys’ magnificent dragons! (Oh yes, I know you want to.)


Price: $35.00 each/ $90 for three | Production Run: 1250 | Limit: 5 per person




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