Posted July 7, 2014 by Robert Calupitan in Collectibles

Hot Toys TDKR THE BAT 1:12 SCALE – The Largest Toy Vehicle to Date

Still missing out on The Dark Knight trilogy? Do you have all the Batman-Nolan toys out there? Answer: not yet, till you get this one! The largest toy vehicle to date, Hot Toys TDKR The Bat 1:12 Scale.

This 1:12 scale of  The Bat from Hot Toys. is currently the largest vehicle that ever been made for any toy. This vehicle comes with a number of weapons electronics and accessories!

Hot Toys TDKR The Bat 1:12  has LEDs and has working motor that propellers can be toggled via remote control. Also a highly detailed cockpit interior that makes any Bat-fan going mad for this!

The Bat also comes with a fusion reactor like in The Dark Knight Rises movie and that’s not all! Plus, the set comes with a Batman and a Catwoman action figures!

Estimated around US $750, This will be one of the best Hot Toys vehicle around! You will have to be Bruce Wayne to own this! Well, not really but it will be  one of the best buys you can get!

Robert Calupitan