Posted June 6, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

New Covers for DC Comics Relaunch

With the surprising buzz generated by DC’s announcement of several relaunched titles for September following the end of Flashpoint, I’ve decided to rank some of the best looking covers from the first batch of titles amongst the 52 relaunched books.

Justice League # 1

Writer : Geoff Johns

Artist: Jim Lee

The rumor about these two teaming up to do a Justice League book has been floating for such a long time now that, it was actually forgotten for awhile, until this week when we first get a glimpse at the new team comprising of a semi-classic league including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Green Lantern. Cyborg joins the team replacing Martian Manhunter who has yet to make an appearance in any solicits for September.

The art looks superb and I certainly join the thousands of Lee and Johns fans who have been clamoring for a JLA book of this pedigree for a long time.

It’s also surprising to note that there are several tweaks and changes happening in the costumes that this new league is sporting. From Superman and Aquaman wearing collars to Wonder Woman wearing a hybrid of her new and old costume and sporting a more younger look, this book has EPIC written all over it.

Aquaman # 1

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

The new Aquaman series has been teased for so long by Johns that we were already expecting that to pan out shortly after the end of Brightest Day. Alas we had to wait for a few months only to find out that that it would be included in the brand new DCU.

I love the cover as it makes Aquaman look fierce and its like he’s gonna bite our heads off.

I love the direction the writer took for the marine based hero when he was resurrected in Brightest Day and I feel like giving him free reign in a new ongoing will definitely bring him back and make him a truly bad-ass character the way Johns made Green Lantern Hal Jordan a likeable character when he wrote him during Green Lantern: Rebirth and the new volume.

Wonder Woman # 1

A new Wonder Woman book will be written by 100 Bullets writer Brian Azzarello and will revert Diana back to her former glory.

Looking forward to this especially as this is looking to be the cerebral book thanks to Azzarello’s different approach in writing superhero books.

Earl Maghirang