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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Gwapoman 2000: Ang Huling Baraha



Story by: Aaron Felizmenio
Art by: Aaron Felizmenio
Publisher: Frances Luna III Illustration Firm
3.5/ 5

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Gwapoman's monologues; the story when you start to get it


Story pacing can be quiet confusing; the art might seem messy at the end

To sum it all up..

The world has forgotten about Gwapoman, but after twelve years he is now back!

Posted October 15, 2014 by


gwapoman 2000

The world has forgotten about Gwapoman, but after twelve years he is now back.

Gwapoman 2000. The name itself reeks of bad-assness (yes, I’ve checked and that is a real word). Ironically, Gwapoman isn’t gwapo at all. An anti-hero of sorts, Gwapoman mostly appears as a shirtless guy who uses oil on his face to cover his true identity. Accompanied by Alas, who’s refered to as a salamangkero but is actually more of a street magician, they embark on a story that puts their skills to the test. The comic book has the feel of a Filipino action movie and Gwapoman is the leading man. Filled with action, hoodlums, big bad bosses, sidekicks and a protagonist with good intentions, one could say that this is an action movie turned comic book.

Aaron Felizmenio‘s, creator and artist for Gwapoman 2000, black and white art varies through the entire book. What I liked about the comics being compiled into one book is that you can see how the artist improves his technique. Especially if each issue was released months apart from each other. You can see how Felizmenio’s art gets more detailed as the story progresses. Though his art becomes a little messy for me at the end of the book . For me, chapter 2 has the best balance of black and white.

Felizmenio’s plot has Gwapoman returning to the streets of Manila and chasing his nemesis Chuck. Though it may sound simple I assure you that is not as easy as it sounds. With plot twist and characters appearing out of nowhere, Gwapoman 2000 can be an exciting read. Though there is one problem that I have encountered during my first reading of it which is the pacing of the story. Jumping between flashbacks, the current time and other events the story can leave you scratching your head. You’ll have to re-read it a couple of times to truly understand what is happening.

The dialogue for Gwapoman 2000 is very Pinoy in nature. It matches the “siga” feel of the comics. Whenever Gwapoman drops his lines, you’ll get the feeling that he becomes more badass. The banter between Alas and Gwapoman makes them look like an old couple which provides some comic relief. Parallel to the angsty dialogue is Gwapoman’s monologue. Here is where you’ll see that behind his violence here is a man that can see through what’s wrong with the country and how he much he wants to correct it.

This comic book  is actually like Gwapoman himself. He might not look good at first, but once you get to know him, you’ll be asking for more.

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