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X Gonna Give It to Ya – Flipgeeks’ PWR WREVOLUTION X 2019 Review

Words and photos by Paul Candelaria

Additional photos by Hub Pacheco


What. An. Event.

I can’t fathom where to start writing this article. In the number of times I have seen PWR, Wrevolution X 2019 definitely belongs to the top of its list of greatest shows. The 4-hour show completely tore off the roof of the Power Mac Center and left so many of its most hardcore fans (this writer included) in a whirlwind of emotions. This is by far the best PWR show I have seen, and that is also to be expected since Wrevolution X is the WrestleMania of PWR. It had everything: drama, high-stakes matches, shockers, and a wedding proposal (more on that in a bit)! So before I even get ahead of myself, here’s a breakdown of the matches and our ranking of each.

Jhemherlynn vs. Robynn – 3/5

Jhemherlhynn vs. Robynn

This was a decent start to the event. I was impressed with how Jhemherlynn grew both as a wrestler and a character. She may still be a bit green when it comes to tying it up in the ring, but she undoubtedly glowed with her technical prowess and submission holds, giving the more experienced Robynn more than she could handle. Robynn has been showing a meaner streak as of late and it was on full display in this match. In the end, experience prevailed over skill as Robynn pinned the “Star ng PWR” clean to the mat.



The Network vs. The Endgame – 3/5

The Network vs. The Endgame

This was a must-win match for the reunited trio of Idol, AB3 and Chino Guinto because if The Network loses, AB3 must join the Endgame. Given the popularity of the longstanding stable, you would expect that they will give it their all to keep their brother-in-arm with them right? Wrong. In what was an ill-timed gamble, Chino decided to give his spot to a promising high-flyer named Sam Baltazar in the do-or-die match. This was an unpopular decision that AB3 clearly did not like and despite a good showing from Baltazar via his swift moves and a really impressive Swanton Bomb on Super Vintendo, they were dominated for the majority of the match with the rookie Network member eating the pin and sending AB3 packing to become the fourth member of one of the most dangerous stables in PWR. AB3 was beyond pissed and pinned the blame on Chino Guinto for the loss. It’s evident that this story between the two warring stables is far from over.



Martivo vs. Dax Xaviera (All Out WARLA match for the AOW Championship) – 4/5

Martivo vs. Dax Xaviera

Alright man, this was the MOST entertaining match of the night for me! All Out War matches are usually chaotic and the most violent of all PWR’s matches, and Martivo showed that he is worthy of being the AOW champion not just for his ability to absorb tremendous amounts of punishment, but with how creative he was in utilizing the no holds-barred stipulation of the match. There were some good spots and hilarious moments all thanks to the Man-Doll’s antics, I was literally in stitches and impressed all at the same time. Here’s hoping that Martivo’s reign as AOW Champ lasts in the long run!



Crystal vs. Alexis Lee – 3/5

Crystal vs. Alexis Lee

Wow, that Alexis Lee is a fierce one, and scary at that. She clearly has no love lost for her Filipina adversary, taking the fight to the Queen of Philippine Wrestling by throwing her around outside the ring and always having an answer to Crystal’s offensive flurry. So much was her dislike for her opponent that she berated the crowd, mocking Crystal every chance she could get. But with the backing and support of the Revo-nation behind her, Crystal showed everyone why she was the Queen and was able to power through and finally defeat the Championship Wrestling Entertainment Vixen’s Champion in our homeland, the one thing that has eluded her. Will we see another classic from these two rivals? Time will tell, but I’d definitely pay to see them lock horns again.



YOLO Twins vs. KakaiBros vs. Evan Carleaux & Trian Dela Torre (Bantay Salakay Match for the PWR Tag Team Championship) – 4/5

In a hotly-contested match pitting all three former tag team champions of PWR where the stipulation had shades of WWE’s Elimination Chamber, the hilarious duo of Mh4rckie and Kh3ndrick bested Team NICE and the defending champs the YOLO twins in an incredibly entertaining contest. The match was not without drama though, as Yohann Ollores called out Jhemherlynn from the back while everyone was preoccupied so he could profess his feelings for her. Too bad for the Katips rich boy, Jhemherlhynn obviously had feelings for his rival Kh3ndrick and rejected Yohann flat out, with the two kicking Yohann’s ass for good measure.

Bantay Salakay Match

After the Kakaibros won the tag team titles, Mh4rckie took the opportunity to add the icing on the cake of this triumph by proposing to his longtime girlfriend Sarah, to which she gladly accepted much to the kilig of the entire Power Mac Centre! To all of us from Flipgeeks, congratulations Mh4rckie and Sarah!

Mh4rckie and Sarah



Jake de Leon (with Bombay Suarez) vs. Mike Madrigal – 3/5

JDL vs. Mike Madrigal

This was a long time coming, and it could very well be the most personal grudge match of the night as “Mr. Philippine Wrestling” JDL battled the heartless Mike Madrigal with the added stipulation that if JDL lost, he would leave PWR forever. Accompanied by the heart and soul of PWR Bombay Suarez (whom Madrigal brutalized weeks before in his own home), JDL fought like a man possessed, trading solid punches with his hated rival Madrigal at the opening bell. The Walking Death showed that he did his homework before slugging it out with the Bacolod Bred Senyorito by countering his attacks with frightening precision, never losing his focus despite being peppered with kupal chants from the audience. This was really more of a brawl than a match in my eyes, and I loved it. Somewhere during the match, Bombay got involved and stopped Madrigal from using his Singapore cane against a floored JDL. In the end, JDL forced Madrigal to pass out from his signature inasal lock, ensuring that his run in PWR continues in the long run and avenging his friend Bombay.



MSG (Main Maxx and Sandata with Mr. Sy) vs. Gym Selfie Daddies (Chris Panzer and Ken Warren) – 3/5

Chris Panzer joins MSG

I would just like to say that I became an instant fan of Panzer and Warren’s newly formed stable! Never imagined that these long-time rivals would bury the hatchet and unite against a common enemy in the form of the devious Mr. Sy and his monstrous creation of Main Maxx and Sandata. The Gym Selfie Daddies (or GSD for short) reminded me so much of the supercharged tag team of the Ultimate Maniacs with their 80’s kaleidoscope ring attires and gym-is-lifer gimmick. These guys were meant and born to entertain the crowd and dominate the tag team division together… until Panzer superkicked Warren’s jaw off, exposing his true colors and delivering the win for MSG, effectively joining their ranks. Yes, my heart is shattered beyond repair, along with so many members of the Revo-Nation. Oh well, it was good while it lasted, I guess they’re rivals again, then?



John Sebastian vs. Chino Guinto vs. Vlad Sinnsyk (Triple Threat Match for the PHX Championship) – 4/5

This year’s Wrevolution X is rife with redemption stories. And this match was definitely one of them. The Golden Boy Chino Guinto returned to a massive welcome after being out for a long time due to a nasty injury and is looking to reclaim the title he never lost. Vlad Sinnsyk, who was able to prove that he belongs to the main event by besting JDL is as hungry as ever as he guns for the PHX championship. John Sebastian, not wanting to lose the PHX championship to any of the two, is now forced to defend his title to BOTH of them, thanks to newly minted co-GM, good ol’ Poch.

John Sebastian

This match was one of the most entertaining of the event, mainly due to John Sebastian’s ever present antics. He never fails to crack me up whenever he has a match because the guy is simply hilarious! His schoolyard bully gimmick is one for the books and I hope he never changes that. Chino has organic charisma and is a really great seller. You can feel authentic sympathy when he sells his injury during the latter parts of this match. Vlad is to be commended too, he took one SCARY bump when he jumped out of the ring and landed on his two opponents. You have to see it in person to believe it. I can’t believe he was still able to stand after that high risk maneuver. These guys lay everything on the table and make it look like their moves genuinely shaves off years of their lives with the stunts they pull off. In the end, The Golden Boy curb stomped Sebastian to reclaim his PHX Championship. After the match, The Network minus AB3 came to the ring to celebrate with their stablemate. Nothing but respect for all three competitors.



Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro (2 out of 3 falls match for the PWR Championship) – 5/5

Holy mother father, Batman. This main event right here, this… THIS. IS. WRESTLING. Everything about this match was perfect. The story, the direction, the back and forth tussle, oh man I could just go on and on. After a long odyssey of breaking out of the shadows, failures, redemption and showing himself worthy of challenging for the grandest prize in all of PWR, Quatro was finally able to snap the 490-day reign of the best pure wrestler in PWR. It wasn’t easy at all, as Imabayashi was able to catch the Lightbringer off guard and scored the first pinfall in less than 5 minutes to the surprise of everyone. Quatro clearly had a tough time putting down Imabayashi as the champ lived up to his moniker, continuously answering every offense and defense that Quatro was attempting. This frustrated Quatro so much which led to very close pinfalls with him on the receiving end. It just went downhill from there when the referee expelled his buddies Trian and Camus from ringside, leaving him against heavily stacked odds and a possible 3 on 1 since the YOLO twins were firmly at Ralph’s corner.

Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro

Despite the disadvantages, Quatro was able to reach deep into the light within his spirit and powerbombed Imabayashi with such tremendous force it awarded him the second pinfall. With the series tied, it was anybody’s ballgame now. Ralph was completely wrecked from the vicious powerbomb that he could barely stand from exhaustion. Quatro, not content with winning easily, gave Ralph a mini waterboarding to wake him up and give his 100% best. In the 30-minute mark of the match, the referee got knocked out by Quatro inadvertently thanks to Ralph’s dirty tactics, allowing the YOLO twins to enter the ring and gang up on Quatro. In a shocking twist, Imabayashi attacked the twins, choosing to defend or lose his title cleanly this time. When it seemed that Quatro would not go down at all, Ralph attempted to walk away, only to be surrounded by his former friends now turned adversaries. From Rederick Mahaba to Nina, they all forced Ralph back to the ring where Quatro made him eat his own Senketsu finisher and finally an emphatic Destino. With the longest reigning champ destroyed, Quatro scored the final pinfall, becoming your new PWR Champion.


The roof blew off when that 3 count landed, and a steady stream of confetti and jubilation rained down on the tired, aching but proud new champion. It was so awesome that even Ralph acknowledged tha Quatro was the better man and now the “best pure wrestler of PWR”, passing on his torch before heading to the back, defeated but respected.



Personally, this was the best PWR event I have ever seen. You can see that there has been a vast improvement in everything they do just to entertain the Revo-nation and to showcase their passion and talent. From their in-ring abilities, their mic skills to their creative storytelling, this writer can’t help but honor them for all that they continue to do for us. Now that Quatro has achieved his dream, may he reign for a long long time. A new chapter will now be written, and I can hardly wait to see it unfold in front of my eyes again.

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