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Game Start-to! The Super Shadow Moses Turbo Review


In this day and age, geek is the new cool! From games, movies, television or almost anything in pop-culture these days are geek influenced. Geekdom is at an all time high! Music is no exemption as hiphop group Shadow Moses is bringing their geek swag to the local music scene their own brand of nerdcore.




Shadow Moses broke into the local music scene with the release of their EP, The Expansion Pack almost a year ago. If you were able to listen to the Expansion Pack, it’s good but it was such a tease that it makes you want for more and that’s where Super Shadow Moses Turbo delivers! Shadow Moses’ LP satisfies the cravings of their Genomes (the name of the ShaMo followers) and bringing a fresh vibe to first time listeners and the local music scene.

Super Shadow Moses Turbo has that 90’s hiphop flavor tailored for the current generation mixed with geek references. The album starts off with the first track “Service Unavailable 2.0″, which is a commentary on our country’s helpless internet connection. How can you not relate to that? Super Shadow Moses Turbo has a wide range of themes, ranging from wrestling; Scott Hall, a spy movie; Spyfall, even a shoutout to waifus with Gamer Girls, just to name a few.



Weirdly enough, my favorite part of Super Shadow Moses Turbo were the fillers. The skits cracked me up! It reminded me of 90s fillers such as the Eraserhead‘s Punk Zappa and Parokya ni Edgar‘s multitude of filler jokes. It’s seldom that you find artists that does that these days.




Super Shadow Moses Turbo gives a fresh break from your usual playlist. Shadow Moses knows how to have fun and inject humour into their music but is serious about their craft. Shadow Moses is the best at what they do and brings good vibes with their own kind of music.


Here’s a live performance of Gamer Girls from the Super Shadow Moses Turbo album launch.

You can learn more about Shadow Music and their gigs through their social media pages:



Listen to their music through their Spotify page.

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