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PWR Live: Chasing new and old championship dreams

The phoenix-emblazoned PHX title is the second belt that PWR has introduced

The phoenix-emblazoned PHX title is the second belt that PWR has introduced.


ugust 15, 2015 – PWR Live was all about opportunity. The opening salvo of Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s third showdown of the year featured Mr. Sy finally holding the Philippine Hybrid X title belt, all while being flanked by a monstrous enforcer whose real identity remains inside a file cabinet at Area 51.

The GM walked around the square circle to give the PWR fans a closer look of the PHX championship belt. Sy inspired everyone about the title’s creation; PWR’s locker room is teeming with talent that transcends style. To further his point, half of PWR’s roster competed in a series of elimination matches that gave rise to perennial contenders to Bryan Leo’s shiny artifact of greatness – the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Championship.

Speaking of Bryan Leo, the classical opportunist had to defend his PWR Championship against the super-athletic Jake De Leon. The Senyorito got another chance to rise from Philippine wrestling’s pedestal and prove once and for all that #MaximumRage is the silencer of lions.

John Sebastian - PWR

Good win. Horrible Undertaker impersonation.

John Sebastian def. Bombay Suarez

It was an easy alliance to begin with. All John Sebastian had to do was to prove that he can fit right into Bryan Leo’s stable of villains. Now entering into his PWR career as The Jack of All Trades, Sebastian went one-on-one with Bombay Suarez. The Heart and Soul of PWR got the upper-hand early on, but whatever vision that Suarez had for winning the watch was completely blanketed by white powder. The assist craftily put together  by Bryan Leo and Scarlett gave Sebastian time to stop the heart from beating and whisper to the soul to stop trying with a powerful running knee to the face.

Miguel Rosales - PWR

That move looks familiar.

Mayhem Brannigan def. Miguel Rosales

Miguel Rosales looks as if he were ready to brawl every time. Brannigan was created to speedily dodge fists or elbows, which his muscular is scarily capable of. The first qualifying match for the PHX championship tournament took off well according to Mayhem Brannigan’s blistering pace. Two headscissors stunned Mr. Sy’s former bodyguard into the corner momentarily. Obviously, a brawler cannot be put away with a few cruiserweight moves. Rosales countered the speed with powerful slams and several clotheslines.  After spilling the action outside for a few minutes and setting his opponent for an F-5, Rosales looked like he was ready to advance into the next round; however, Brannigan did the unthinkable: he countered the lift and pounded away at the person we thought should be doing the striking. Brannigan wins via stoppage.

Chris Panzer - PWR

His expression changed after the match.

Chris Panzer def. Sandata

Sandata brought a new weapon against Chris Panzer during their qualifying match, and it’s name is imagination. Two yellow handwraps were introduced into the ring, allowing the masked combatant to drag Panzer around like an overworked Egyptian slave. The Leader of the Panzer Army eventually recovered and connected with a top-rope frog splash and running boot that sealed the victory. Sandata? A new weapon more devastating than two handwraps would definitely give the struggling the PWR star a desperate lift.

The Apocalypse - PWR

The Apocalypse renders his opponents useless!

The Apocalypse def. Mark D. Manalo

There is a prophecy that the apocalypse can strike any time. This biblical pronouncement can be applied to PWR’s The Apocalypse. The soulless juggernaut decimated Mark D. Manalo’s bootcamp challenger, then proceeded to dominate the Beer Promdi member during an impromptu match. Unable to leave his partner, Kanto Terror interfered and swiped away the crowbar from the monster’s hands, only to be severely overpowered. With only malice hardwired into his brain, The Apocalypse went so far into injuring Kanto Terror’s left eye, leaving the fan favorite thrown out of the drinking bar. Prophecy fulfilled!

Pete Versoza - PWR

Pete Versoza stood his ground against Imabayashi.

Ralph Imabayashi def. Peter Versoza

Peter Versoza had to redeem himself after suffering two consecutive tag team losses at Vendetta. Ralph Imabayashi, on the other hand, has a lot of impressing to do. Both guys did what they were supposed to do. The stronger Versoza handled Imabayashi squarely, swinging and Alabama Slam-ming the up-and-coming star. After being tied to the ground for far too long, the quickster got himself away from Versoza and picked up the 1-2-3 with a sneaky cutter from outta nowhere. Let’s see if you can do that every time you finish a match, then you’ll get your own RKO video montage!

Ken Warren - PWR

Getting the upper hand is quite difficult. Get it?

Ken Warren def. Joey Bax

Joey Bax looks like a wild pugilist that would get him inadvertently disqualified during a boxing match. That sounds really intimidating only for people enter mortal combat without a good game plan. A game plan? Ken Warren probably has a cloud storage, where he uploads all his devious schemes that can pick apart stronger opponents at any given moment. PWR’s Social Media Sinister was the last contender to punch his ticket aboard the exclusive PHX cruise ship after downing Bax with an amnesia-inducing superkick to the temple.

Classical Bryan Leo - PWR

I’ll put you to sleep.

Classical Bryan Leo def. Jake De Leon to retain the PWR Championship

The outside ring support that Bryan Leo got from John Sebastian and Scarlett proved to be the catalyst. Jake De Leon fought multiple invasions from The Jack Of All Trades, snapping him back to reality that it’s Leo who capitalized at W RevolutionX. JDL connected with an Alipin Drop, but several interferences from Sebastian gave the champion the chance to hit a blatant low blow and stab the tranquilizer into The Senyorito’s neck in the form of a sleeper hold. He’s still the champion, and the champion celebrate his pride’s victory with a post-match steel chair beating of JDL. And then The Apocalypse arrived. Doomsday’s trumpeter decimated everybody inside the ring (while feeling a little sense of mercy to Scarlett) and picked up the PWR Championship, and even without a mouthpiece by his side, everybody knew, including the rattled GM himself, that he wants a shot at the PWR Championship.


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