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PWR Live: Road To Vendetta

It was the last day of the first month for 2016 and PWR decided to end it with a bang. With the ring set at iAcademy Makati, our favorite wrestlers are near the end of the road to Vendetta.

James “IDOL” Martinez and “The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto def. Los Trabajadores

The night started off with a tag team match between The Network and Los Trabajadores. With a network that is still continuing to grow, James “IDOL” Martinez introduces his new downline “The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto. At first, it looked liked the luchadors were going to win but a tag attack from the network led to a pin which won them the fight.


“Classical” Bryan Leo def. Rederick Mahaba 

What was supposed to be an intimate interview between Rederick Mahaba and PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi turned to a one on one fight as “Classical” Bryan Leo and Scarlet entered the scene. It was a lead as big as himself for Mahaba from the start. Bryan Leo wasn’t that please to experience Mahaba’s Jackolade. Everything was going well until Scarlet lured the gullible Mahaba from the fight with her charms. Bryan Leo takes the chance to get a lock on his opponent. In the end, Mahaba taps out but not before he professes his love for Scarlet. As if defeating Mahaba wasn’t enough,Bryan Leo held him in the corner as Scarlet gave him a Royal Stinkface. I don’t know about you but Mahaba seemed to have enjoyed it.


Network Official Product Orientation

Before Mahaba can even collect himself after his defeat, The Network took the opportunity to give an Official Product Presentation. Mahaba became an unwilling participant as the trio gave a demonstration where he was ridiculed and slammed around. Fed up from his defeat and from the humiliation, Mahaba beats the trio and scares them out of the ring. He then declares that he will fight James “IDOL” Martinez on PWR Vendetta.


Ken Warren def. Vintendo

Back from his USA holiday tour, the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren wasted no time in making fun of the audience and also challenging Vintendo. It was a challenge that Vintendo quickly accepted even though he still had an injured shoulder. The crowd cheered as Vintendo unleashed a couple of spinning backhand slaps and E. Honda’s hundred hand slap on the cornered Jake Warren. Ken Warren still managed to turn the tables by repeatedly attacking Vintendo’s injury.  By the end of the match, a WiFi from Ken Warren got Vintendo out on the floor which led to an easy pin.


Chris Panzer def. Joey Bax 

In the battle of the pretty boy and the not so photogenic man, Joey Bax focused on attacking Chris Panzers face. Joey Bax dished out his Barangay Suplex but Chris Panzer retaliated with his signature splash. In the end Chris wins by making Joey tap out but the highlight of the match was at the end when Sandata came out of nowhere and started to give Joey a smackdown that he won’t forget. The two was pulled away from each other only after the intervention from the referees.


John Sebastian & Main Maxx def. Mark D Manalo & Jake de Leon

It was supposed to be a one on one match between John Sebastian and Mark D. Manalo but special guest commentator Main Maxx wanted in on the fun. The two layed down a pretty mean smackdown on Mark until “The Senorito” Jake De Leon came to the rescue. Mr. Sy makes it an official tag team match. It was the longest fight of the night as Mark D Manalo has no plans of losing. Mark gave it his best but in the end Main Maxx was able to pin him down. Mark D. Manalo demanded that Jake De Leon must fight him in Path of Gold in PWR Vendetta to which Mr. Sy agreed.


Bombay Suarez def Peter Versoza

The two started the fight by trying to pin each other. After an exchange of attacks, Peter Versoza was able to Petegree Bombay right to the floor. Bombay managed  to turn the tides of the match with a jumping high kick that left Versoza weak enough to get a successful pin. As Crystal tried to interview the defeated wrestler, Peter shoves her off. Fed up with the way he treats her, Crystal asks Mr. Sy for a fight between Peter and him on Vendetta. Mr. Sy lets gladly makes it official. Peter Versoza then surprised everyone when as he used his signature move on Crystal. Referees came to Crystal’s aid but that didn’t stop him from doing another one. Guess we’ll have to wait for PWR Vendetta to see Crystal’s revenge.


Ralph Imabayashi def. The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse showed no mercy towards current PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi as he started the match with his signature move, the Death Bell. Ralph Imabayashi unleashed a barrage of punches and headbutts as his counter. Ralph found a creative way to use the stairs along with The Apocalypse’s head. The reigning champ ended that match with his signature Sonic Crusher. Ralph was already weary and tired when the Royal Flush came out and gave him a royal beating. As Royal Flush left, Bryan Leo chanted “One month!”.


Catch the next PWR event, PWR Vendetta, on February 20 ,2016 at iAcademy  Makati.


All photos by Aaron Silao.

NOTE: We are sorry about the following mistakes:

-Writing “Ken Warren” instead of “Jake Warren”
-Writing “Chriz Panzer” instead of “Chris Panzer”
-Writing “Main Max” instead of “Main Maxx”
-Writing “Mike Manalo” instead of “Mark D. Manalo”

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support in Flipgeeks and PWR.

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