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READING COMICS 3 – A Night of Reminiscing and Laughter

Who knew there was a different way of enjoying comics other than reading it yourself?


Last Saturday, September 27, 2014, Flipgeeks attended the Reading Comics 3 at Uno Morato hosted by Chamtamaria. It was a small monthly comic book reading event where local artists and writers read their own work to a small group of audiences over drinks and snacks.

The first reader was the writer of Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents – Noel Pascual, reading a few of his comic strips about a zombie apocalypse which eventually transitioned to a laughter-filled reading of the third issue of Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents with artist AJ Bernardo.

Budjette Tan gave a more serious reading for the night with his Trese: Masquerade which left the audiences quiet and at awe.

A comic that made the night was the Alamat ng Chismis by Marcushiro accompanied by soothing background music.

My Komik Odessey and Enjuriki was then read by Dark Chapel which included fun and nostalgic 90’s music in the background. Seiko Wallet theme song anyone?

Trizha Ko was also supposed to be there to read her work, but unfortunately couldn’t make it for personal reasons. For the last reading, Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo read issues 4 and 5 of their Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents.

Uno Morato had quite a cozy atmosphere and was just perfect for such an event as the place also sells the comics that were read. It was a fun-filled night and it’s something they have decided to form as a habit for comic book readers.

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