Posted August 3, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Events


Comicx Hub successfully played host to a special signing session featuring the Hagibis Dynamite Entertainment boys together with Stephen Segovia who went and signed copies of their respective books.

That afternoon was so much fun. Everybody talking and smiling and swapping stories with their favorite idols. The boys from Dynamite who were present that afternoon included Heubert Khan Michael…


Eman Casallos

Dan Borgonos

Francis Nuguit

Fritz Casas

Lui Antonio

Stephen Segovia who did the interior art for X-Treme X-Men together with Greg Pak as well as

To make things a lot more interesting, these artists also not only signed their respective books but also did on-the-spot sketching on blank comic books.

Comicx Hub also kicked things up a notch by giving away exclusive art together via a raffle. These artworks were donated by some of the Dynamite boys.

Some of the giveaways during Comicx Hub's signing session

Finally this event also gave us an opportunity to crown our winner for our recent Geek Giveaway, Mr. Rupert Cajepe

Next stop, a signing featuring a surprise Filipino comic artist as well as the anniverary for Comicx Hub 

Earl Maghirang