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French indie developer Sushee is currently working on bringing the cult classic PlayStation exclusive, Fear Effect, into the PC and current consoles. Tagged as Fear Effect Reinvented, the remake will be published by Square Enix Collective, a curated platform for smaller, independent games.

The original Fear Effect was praised for its cel-shaded graphics and tight storyline, and Sushee founder, Benjamin Anseaume, promises Reinvented to retain that atmosphere by keeping the game’s fixed camera angles but with updated visuals and tweaked controls.

Reinvented comes off as a result of Sushee’s successful 2016 crowdfunding campaign for Fear Effect Sedna, a new installment also currently under development. Fear Effect was originally developed by Kronos Digital Entertainment and released by Eidos Interactive in 2000 for the PlayStation.

Fear Effect Reinvented and Fear Effect Sedna are expected to be available in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and Windows PC.

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