Posted September 21, 2015 by Miguel Asistio in Gaming

Newcomer Rashid and Returning Karin Join STREET FIGHTER V Cast

Things are heating up for Capcom’s upcoming release, the latest installment in its prized Street Fighter series of games. Continuing its barrage of cast additions in recent months are two names: one that’s new to fighting game fans’ ears, and one that’s well-beloved.

At the GAMES 15 convention which was held in Dubai, fans and press present in that event bore witness to new character Rashid, who is of Middle Eastern descent. The character’s inclusion further adds the international flavor Street Fighter is known for. It also could be noted as a coincidence that this comes off the heels of Namco’s Tekken series coming up with a new Middle Eastern character of their own, named Shaheen. The similarities end, however, at their visual parallels, sporting of the shemagh and their beards.

Soon afterward, at the recently-concluded Tokyo Game Show, SFV head honcho Yoshinori Ono announced the inclusion of Karin Kanzuki, wealthy and snobbish youngster,a character not seen since Street Fighter Alpha 3, which was released in 1998. Her return after a 17-year absence makes this a sweet treat for fans of the franchise.

These two characters join staples of the franchise Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, and Bison, the returning Nash, and another character not seen since the Street Fighter Alpha days: masked wrestler with a derriere of steel, Rainbow Mika


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