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NIS Wants You To Become Part of Disgaea 4’s North American Release

The Disgaea franchise is a personal favorite of mine. I started playing Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PlayStation 2, but never got to appreciate its over-arching play style because I kept comparing it to the more popular Final Fantasy Tactics.

Colorful dialogs, lovable characters, and griping battles against over-leveled guys like Baal, Disgaea is a masterful reiteration that features highly-innovative concepts for the strategy role-playing game (SRPG) genre.

NIS wants you to write something hilarious
Although Disgaea 4: An Unforgotten Promise has already been released in Japan last February, Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) North America has announced that the game will hit American gaming shelves this September. Unlike its predecessors, Disgaea 4 sports a more political overtone, stitching together story elements unfamiliar to battle-hardened Disgaea fans.

Disgaea 4 would still incorporate the ever useful bribing system. I just love how those evil senators would squeak the Nay! and Aye! in complete disharmony.

All-time favorite Disgaea characters including Laharl and Axel reprise their role in bringing chaos into an already chaotic Netherworld ruled by corrupt tyrants, demons, and lesser minions of mischief. But seriously, isn’t corruption something the Netherworld should exist with together with voluptuous Nekomatas?

In preparation for Disgaea 4’s North American release, NIS North America (NA) currently invites all of us to become part of the game’s development process. NIS NA wants everyone to pitch in their ideas and come up with hilarious names for weapons, items, and NPCs. Disgaea would be empty without the comical product catalogs and funny nicknames and shticks. Does Mid-Boss ring a bell?

Disgaea 4: An Unforgotten Promise is exclusively available for the PlayStation 3.

Note: This is the only Disgaea article that did not include the word Prinny or Prinnies… Doh!

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