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The reason I got hooked with American football is because of the highly motivational, extremely exaggerated series simply known as Eyeshield 21. I developed a love for the game; my limited knowledge with football grew, as I was able to understand the key positions and play-making audibles needed to score a touchdown or a defensive stop. Certainly, the recurring Madden franchise satisfied my thirst for throwing tight spirals with my customized Yoichi Hiruma (which by the way, looks very American).

Madden NFL 12 retains the strong, rich tradition of refined American football with little to recognized re-touching of a game that is still rough around the edges. If we’re going to talk about the National Football League, then please count me out. I do not have a single idea why Michael Vick pursued dog fighting nor why Kim Kardashian is no longer with Reggie Bush. Additionally, I always wrestle with the idea why Brett Favre refuses to retire. But there is one thing that I’m certain about – Madden NFL 12 is the best looking football game that combines realistic elements of playing the sport from a virtual perspective.

With Madden NFL 12, players actually get the chance to run an offense based on the tendencies of the team. I’m not really quite sure but Tony Romo’s quarterback skills was able to stretch the whole defense of the Arizona Cardinals. Defensive play-sets and tackling realism will make you want to dodge the Defensive Assist: thunderous spears, powerful take downs, and jamming an opponent’s body with a full-body press are just some of the reasons why I’m starting to appreciate the term defense on such a manly sport.

My last (prior to Madden NFL 12) Madden experience was Madden 08, and I could say that there are little improvements made to make this year’s Madden release a perfect one. I’m not taking away to what Madden NFL 12 has to offer: stylish menu navigation, impressive & expansive rosters, tracking system of the hottest and coldest players of the field, relatively easy controls, and a soundtrack that will make you throw imaginary footballs in the air, this game has its charms, and certainly it has also its fumbles, which I’m leaving up to you to explore.

Final Verdict

Graphics – 8/10: Nothing revolutionary in the graphics department. But if you’re looking for a football game that perfectly captures the whole NFL experience from grass to the players’ muscle definition, then this game may bewitch you at the very moment you enter the line of scrimmage.

Soundtrack – 7/10: Sports games struggle to keep the announcers saying the same dehumanizing side comments whenever you blow a team out. Just ignore the commentary and keep playing.

Gameplay – 9/10: You will love Madden NFL 12’s improved offensive and defensive mechanics. Customize offensive and defensive playbooks and keep them as your team’s focal point of defensive and offensive attack. Create a team. Create an NFL superstar. Create a player with the statistics that far outweighs his salary. Create a badly designed stadium. Do whatever you want, just keep the ball in play

Longevity – 10/10: After winning your Super Bowl in Franchise Mode, why not try and win another ring for your aging roster. This game will make you want to live a sedentary lifestyle, away from the thrills and excitement of an actual NFL match-up.

Total: 34/40

Derek Vicente

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