Posted April 1, 2017 by Miguel Asistio in Gaming

Rock Howard Brings A Raging Storm To KING OF FIGHTERS XIV

SNK has released the trailer for Rock Howard! He will be their final DLC character in the King of Fighters XIV‘s first wave of post-launch content. If that name rings a bell, then you might be among the countless KOF and SNK fans ecstatic about this reveal.

Rock Howard has never been featured in a mainline King of Fighters game, thus making his KOF debut in the most recent title. However, he remains a fan-favorite due to his role as protagonist on Garou: Mark of the Wolves, a 1999 game also released in SNK that took place in a near future. Garou had rid itself of almost all its past characters that time (present in the Fatal Fury franchise), and introduced all-new ones.

Rock – the biological son of perennial SNK bad guy Geese Howard – was the star of the show and had quite a unique backstory, especially as he was trained by Terry Bogard. Geese is Terry’s arch-nemesis dating back to the first Fatal Fury game, and adding Rock to the equation in King of Fighters XIV is sure to be an interesting development. Especially since the twist here is that Geese and Terry are much younger in this game than they are in Garou!

We’ll all be smelling what Rock is cooking come April 5th, when he is released alongside the other three DLC characters (Vanessa, Yamazaki and Whip) and two brand-new stages. King of Fighters XIV is available for the PlayStation 4.




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