Posted February 13, 2014 by Tony Tuason in Entertainment

Thanks To The Internet, GOAT SIMULATOR Is Happening

A lot of games that are simple, yet some may say stupid are lingering around and being hyped by the internet. But I guess, people sometimes need something to unleash their boredom or rage with just mindless fun.

Take this Goat Simulator for instance, it’s a product of a game jam by developers who were playing around. But when netizens saw footages of the game, more and more people became obsessed in trying out a game that lets you become a goat and mess up everything around you. Now thanks to the internet, an actual game is going to be made and can be pre-ordered for $9.99 (wtf).

Plus, it lets you lick objects and swing it around with your tongue. But can it let you choose or customize your fur and skin? lol. Sometimes I wonder about the games that could truly make us happy.  Here’s the trailer:

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