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The Different Faces of Skyrim’s Ethnically Different World

November 11, 2011 – The actual date that Bethesda Softworks teased and promised the whole world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That’s just two months from now, and each and every one us is excited to experience Skrim’s expansive, sprawling panoramas inhabited by visually impressive clans whom players will have the freedom to build around and customize once Skyrim hits gaming shelves worldwide.

Here’s a quick preview of the available races that can be found throughout the captivating but certainly treacherous world of Skyrim:

Covered in scales, Argonians have isolated themselves away from contact and thus, earning them the title of Skyrim’s stealthy warriors surprisingly gifted with the use of magic. Additionally, Argonians are immune to poisons and other enfeebling curses inflicted by swamps and wastelands coiled around Skyrim’s diverse ecology.

Capable of commanding destructive, powerful magic, the Dark Elves are also agile warriors skilled in the use of swords and bows.

The Wood Elves of Skyrim are the more ratty, more agile characters that would rather take out targets from a distance with a bow. Nimble and quick on their feet, the Wood Elves have earned a reputation as Skyrim’s bothersome pickpockets.

Known for their cat-like, humanoid appearance, the Khajiits further personify their feline looks with shadowy tactics and speed that can overwhelm blunt, sluggish opponents.

Grotesquely deformed, the Orcs are Skyrim’s powerhouses capable of bulldozing opponents with their brutal strength. Orcs are also feared for their imposing stature and once provoked, they will not hesitate to unleash destruction fueled by roaring, uncontrollable rage.

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