Posted November 4, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in MORE

First Look at New Timbre Headphones

We’ve teased you guys with Timbre a few days ago, so now we’ve received a new email featuring what their Team Manila designed headphones would look like. Check them out.

These would be the first of three headphones each sporting their own unique design which happens to be a collaboration between the aforementioned team manila and timbre.

Personally though, I wouldn’t settle for any other headphones because this particular design looks perfect. It’s got the colors red and black, sports the sun design used in the Philippine flag and it’s got a mix of subtlety and a bit of classiness.

I’m not really sure if I can say the price but I assure its less expensive compared to that overhyped Beats. Heck its a lot cheaper compared to the fake Beats they sell in Greenhills these days. Plus it’s got a great sound. We plan to use this when we start doing our podcasts.

Oh I also got an email regarding where Timbre will next pop out…

We can’t honestly have the Global Pinoy Bazaar without your favorite Headphones brand representing, right?  Feel free to drop by the TIMBRE booth at the Rockwell Tent this Saturday and Sunday (Nov5-6) 10AM-10PM to know more about The Color of Music and VISUAL AUDIO.  For added spice, we’re sharing a seamless space design with sarisarisounds.com, who will make sure that you will hear nothing but PINOY music while you’re there.”

Earl Maghirang