Posted August 6, 2011 by Norby Ela in Movies/TV

‘TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON’ – 10th Film in Movie History to Surpass the Global $1 Billion Mark

Transformers 3 has done right by the franchise. Despite the sluggish opening domestically and the ballooned expectations due to the success of Revenge of the Fallen, the latest Transformers movie has done surprising well on a global level. The film has just surpassed $1 billion worldwide which makes it the tenth movie to ever do so at the box office.

Just last month, Transformers 3 had broken the franchise record of $836 million. That amount seemed tough to beat considering the film’s domestic debut was actually less than its predecessor. So what happened? Dark of the Moon had an unprecedented level of foreign fandom at the box office for the franchise which comprises over 65% of the films total gross at the moment.

This is the last film in the Shia LaBeouf/Michael Bay trilogy, but with these kind of numbers, fans of the franchise should not have to wait too long until some sort of unrelated film in the world of Transformers surfaces.

Transformers is the latest film from this summer to join the billion dollar club after Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Harry Potter 7 both accomplished that feat in recent months.

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