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RANT – Underworld “UnAwakening” Quick Movie Review

— If you’re looking for a movie to watch, and you’re a fan of the Underworld series then you’re in luck since Underworld – Awakening (Underworld – Awakening Trailer). But beware, because for me this is the WEAKEST installment. Yes, WEAK, that’s why I’m RANTING about it. And now here’s my completely unbiased opinion –


I watched it just a while ago, in 3D (I’m not sure kung 3D lang), and being a big fan of the series I was excited seeing Selene and Michael back in the big screen. Though the set-up and setting of Awakening is set in the not so distant future, it sure felt like it was more of a Resident Evil movie than an Underworld movie — an outbreak has occurred, but in this case it turns peeps into lycans and vampires. Now I’m not pretty sure how this could’ve happened?! all through out the movie I was waiting for a solid reason, but I never found it. Since there was an outbreak, and this “Purge” is everywhere, Selene and Michael planned to escape but failed and was captured.

Underworld Awakening Eve

And now here’s the real focal point of the movie and ato One good and very interesting  inclusion in the series is Selene and Michael’s daughter — supposedly named ‘Eve‘ (thanks Wikipedia! haha) which really signifies a new chapter in the Underworld series, but I didn’t catch that in the movie since I only heard her telling her name as Subject 2. Another character addition was a vampire named David – son of coven leader who initially helped Selene and Eve escape from their captors, but as the story progresses his importance to the whole series, well you’ll definitely feel that he is really irrelevant at all. But if you’ve watched the movie, David’s inclusion, as well as Eve’s might have an impact on upcoming sequels (though i’m not sure if this impact would be just superficial or plain), but in this one its a bit of a mess.

Underworld Awakening Michael Corvinus

Another rant is that, Michael Corvinus, from the beginning had been setup to be some kind of a very unique character with lots of potential, especially on what we’ve seen on Underworld: Evolution  —think of Michael as being Gohan in DBZ. But then, in this new installment, they introduced Eve, so in my opinion, Michael’s character is  being downgraded. And in this movie, he’s only shown for 5mins ??? or less I think??? AAWWW MENN!!!!

If you know the real story where the movie really revolves in? it’s this — (1) Selene and Michael had a daughter, since they have been captured, and then Selene does everythin to save  Eve, and eventually she did. (2) Lycans have more control over the real world — without any freakin’ solid explanation. (3) And with the inclusion of characters like Theo and his coven, Eve as a more powerful being than Selene and Michael (Well, I frakkin thought all along that they were already special and had lots of potential after the events ‘Underworld: Evolution’ they have more focus on being this unique beings, here comes Eve and takes the mythology to a different direction). The effects were good, especially the fighting scenes but the effects with the Lycans were just plain unlike the beastly, badass looking Lycans in the previous installments. All in all it has a mediocre and a bit messy plot, good effects but definitely feels like watching a B movie especially the way it ended.

Its not really bad, and not really great like its predecessors.  Again I’m saying this is the WEAKEST Underworld movie and should be titled as ‘Unawakening‘ since this movie that should’ve been a revitalizing point in the series, now absolutely feels like the series is being stretched out – Oh, its only 88 mins! And in if you’re gonna watch it in 3d, then it’s not really worth it.

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