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The Best of 2017 in Movies, Animation & TV!

Kimberly Mas (Writer, Movies, TV and Animation, IG: @kimberlymas)

Best TV Show: Stranger Things Season 2
After the first explosive season, Stranger Things returns! It is better and stranger than ever! Stranger Things 2 tries to bridge the gap between all the cliffhangers and questions we all had during the end of season 1. As much as we missed all the familiar faces, we’re also intrigued by the newcomers in the show and how they’ll impact season 2. Definitely one of the most highly anticipated shows in 2017! As promising (or maybe even better) than the first season, Stranger Things 2 will not disappoint fans.

Best Animated Project: Loving Vincent and Disney-Pixar’s Coco
I usually have a lot to say about this, because this is my career. Overall, Loving Vincent would have to be the best animated project for this year. The tremendous amount of work that was put into this full length feature film was just amazing! Imagine a huge team of Van Gogh trained oil painters animated this frame-by-frame. The beauty and ART! Every frame is a visual masterpiece. Vincent Van Gogh would be proud of this. And it’s getting all the awards it deserves.

Second place would have to be Coco. I have to give this film a special mention. Probably because it’s close to my heart. I was a bit skeptical about watching this at first, because of it’s similarities to Book of Life, another animated film that has the same setting. Coco just tugged all my heartstrings. I love animated stories that warms your heart & leaves a beautiful message to the audience. And as for the animation, it is a Disney-Pixar film after all – pretty much nothing else to critique in that department.

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