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The Best of 2017 in Movies, Animation & TV!

LJ Zenarosa (Writer, Movies, TV and Animation, IG: @ljzenarosa)

Best Film: Dunkirk
When it comes to films, I have this insatiable love for exemplary cinematography and inconsolable thirst for unconventional storytelling. Dunkirk have yhose. Christopher Nolan has showed us again why his storytelling is topnotch despite how simple the plot or complicated the character background is. His straightforward approach of Dunkirk – which is different from his usual style, is highlighted in this movie. Though the narrative might be a little off to other, this movie captured the real-time essence that we need in a war film. Let’s not forget the performance of Tom Hardy and Auneurin Barnard. For someone who loves history and never gets tired of watching war films, this is something that I would highly recommend (and might watch again and again).

Best TV Show: Tabi Po
When I first learned that one of my favorite local comic books will be having a TV series, I am very skeptical. But Sari-Sari TV did not disappoint me. It’s gory, daring and tense – just like its comic book series. AJ Muhlach gave justice as Elias. This is something that we don’t see in local television nowadays and I am glad that they gave it a shot. The production design had made it look like it popped up out from the comic book. I am definitely sure that Mervin Malonzo was ecstatic about it. It was short and left me craving for more aswang adventures.

Best Animated Series: The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome)
I discovered this animation film by accident. I got curious with the trailer and watched it – and I was not disappointed. Directed by Maasaki Yuasa (Tatami Galaxy, anyone), this weird, romantic and well, kind of erotic sleaze animation film tells us the long dream-like night adventures of a girl. It was Alice in Wonderland meets Jules Verne. It was psychedelic, relentless and colorful. It is fun but at the same time, it might leave you to confusion. The animation was in such elegant fluidity that will definitely leave you breathless. No wonder it won Best Animated Feature in Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Best Local Film: Ang Manananggal sa Unit 32B
To be honest, I am not really a fan of horror or romance films. This film has those two genres in one, but I like what they did with those two genres in play. It was not over the top but the production did an excellent job in making you feel that this film is still a horror film despite the romance vibe. This movie may not delved that deep in the social issue of women empowerment (but it was there). The amazing tension between the human and monster side of the female character can be felt. It has simple but intense storytelling. It is something that I might be looking for a good romance flick. It was worth watching.


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