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TV REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother Season 9


How I Met Your Mother is on its ninth and final season. It’s been 8 years since Ted Mosby started telling the story to his kids of how he met their mother. It’s been a long journey and now we’re at its end. It’s the last time we get to see our beloved Ted, Barney, Robin , Marshall and Lily but its also the first time that we finally get to know the mother.


By the time you’re reading this you’ve probably seen the pilot episode, if not then you are in for a couple of spoilers. The pilot episode is a back to back show that tells how the group is going to Barney and Robin’s wedding. Ted and Lily are on a road trip while Marshall is back in Minnesota trying to get a flight to New York. On this episode, the “mother” played by Cristin Milioti gets to meet Lily in a train ride. The mother debut on the finale of season 8 and on this episode we get to know her more.


Cristin Milioti as the Mother

Lily met the mother on her trip for Barney and Robin’s wedding. Lily ditched Ted’s boring road trip. She met her on the train ride. Lily was crying because she’s missing her baby who was with Marshall and the mother offered her cookies to help comfort her. Lily and the mother hit it off instantly and its like they’ve been friends for. The mother isnt like most of the girls that Ted dated, she isnt a blonde (a common denominator that I noticed for most of Ted’s exes) or a head turner but she is a sweet and simple girl very much like Ted. After watching her you’d also agree that yes, finally she is the one.


The mother and Lily on the train ride.

One thing that I’m not yet getting used to is Barney’s mushy lines. He’s no longer the same Barney that you’re used to from the previous seasons, he’s a changed man. He no longer has those awesome one liners that he’s well known for, Barney has actually gone cheesy and Im not saying that as a bad thing, its actually good. I’m happy for Barney; he has finally quit playing around and decided to settle down with one girl, Robin. Just to give you an idea how Barney is now, in one of his conversations with Robin he told her “Our wedding is going to be legendary” and Robin replied “No wait for it?” to which Barney said “I’ve got you. I dont have to wait for it anymore.” That right there just hit you right in the heart. Awwwwww.

Barney and Robin…awwwww.

How I Met Your Mother is a show that we’ve all grown to love. It’s like every man’s story. It’s a story about friendship, love, life, success, failures, hope, happiness and all other things that could have happen to you and me. It let us escape our daily lives and relate to its characters, others even aspire to be Barney and bought his self help book, The Bro Code (I also got a copy). How I Met Your Mother is a show that you could relate to. Most single guys (me included) could relate to who Ted is.  We all felt what Ted went through all these past seasons. How I Met Your Mother is for me, Ted’s success story. We’ve seen how he failed professionally, how he handled his career, being dumped by a girl likes, being shy as to how to approach a girl right, being left at the altar, losing a girl he loves and all the ups and downs that he went through in his life.


Ted with “the mother” of his kids.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 is the beginning of the end of this well loved comedy show. It’s sad to know that the show has finally come to its end. At some point we all know that we would reach this part of the story (even Ted’s kids are already complaining when the story will end!), as to how Ted finally met his wife and the mother of his children.  The pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 is actually great. It sets the stage as to how the first meeting would take place between Ted and the mother. How I Met Your Mother season 9 is the culminating season, the one that long time fans have waited for. It sure did take its sweet time but not one’s complaining, everyone did enjoy the ride.




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