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Creators, Retailers Join Forces to help DeZuñiga on Free Comic Book Day

April 26, 2012
Get your free comics, buy a sketch and help an ailing legendary Filipino artist.   Comic Odyssey and Comicxhub have agreed to open their doors for a simultaneous sketch drive for Tony DeZuñiga on “Free Comicbook Day,” May 5. All proceeds of the sketches that  only cost at PhP 300 minimum. ...


LOCAL KOMIKS Creators Release Two FCBD Comics For 2012

April 24, 2012
This 2012, two local comic book shops sponsored their own exclusive free comic for their own upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2012 events. Comic Odyssey, the leading LCS in the Philippines, is producing ‘FCBD Komiks 2012 #1′, consisting art from many local comic book creators and talents: RH Quilan...


KAPITAN TOG Gets A New Look For This Summer

January 13, 2012
Freely Abrigo (Kulas), Filipino cartoonist and comic book artist, released an image for his next installment of his comic series – Kapitan Tog. The soon-to-be-released issue #3 will be getting a new refurbished look of his comedic superhero. Kapitan Tog #3 is scheduled to be released in this yearR...

42 Indie Tiangge Komikon 2011

KOMIKON 2011 UPDATE: List Of 42 Independent Comic Creators

November 17, 2011
This Saturday will be Komikon 2011. Here’s a reminder in one of the best features of the conventions: Indie Tiangge. These are the new generation of comic book creators that will withstand the possibilities to be the next Leinil Yu, the next Trese or the next Gerry Alanguilan. So, please support them...

Bonk Comic Digest promo

CoRe Reminds You To Get BOINK

November 12, 2011
With the past post of announcing of the release of a Boink Comics Digest consisting with a heavy talented roster, such as Manix Abrera, Hazel Manzano, Andrew Villar and Freely Abrigo. CoRe Studios released a promotional banner reminding the public on how jam-packed the book is when you get your hands on it...


GTMACCON 2011 UPDATE: List Of ‘Filipino Comic Book Characters Cosplay Competition’ Released

October 11, 2011
GTMACCON 2011 has recently released the list of entries for their Philippine Indie Comic Book Characters Cosplay Competition. Ramil Antonio Ibay ‘s MASO Gener Pedriña ‘ NARRA Freely Abrigo’s KAPITAN TOG Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s TRESE Gio Paredes ‘ KALAYAAN Carlo Jose ...


CoRe Studios Revealed Creative Talents For All-Ages ‘BOINK’ Book

October 5, 2011
Today, CoRe Studios released an image of their first-ever collected book made by some of the well-known cartoon creators in the Philippine Comics Industry, like Manix Abrera, Andrew Villar, Freely Abrigo, Hazel Manzano, Stanley Chi and so much more. No details on what is the official title on this Boink bo...


KOMIKON 2011 UPDATES: Complete List of the Nominees for Komikon Awards 2011

September 14, 2011
Komikon has recently released the complete list for their 3RD KOMIKON READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS. Their categories varied from the Best Current Filipino International Artist to Best Comic Series, to Grassroots Award, and so much more. This is the award where we can praise our creative talents who are Fil...

skyworld_4__requiem_page8_by_iantoy-d4986zi - Copy

LOKAL GRIND: Visiprint’s WIT Event

September 12, 2011
I didn’t get to attend to WIT – Visprint’s 1st Annual Readers’ Day. I apologize. I had to do some personal stuff to do. Even though I missed the event, looking around the net and various sources, I can catch up. Thanks to Charles Tan that recorded all panels of the said event: Clear Then […]


WIT UPDATE: Final Poster and Creative & Writing Workouts

September 6, 2011
Today, Visprint released their final poster with details of activities in the event. Their listed panels, creative and writing workouts are: Eros Atalia – Ikuwento ang Kuwentong Pinoy Paolo Fabregas - Clear Then Clever: How to create comic the advertising way Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldisimo - Under...