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13 Things You Have to Know About JESSICA JONES

jessica jones alias

In lieu of the upcoming Netflix series – Marvel’s Jessica Jones, let’s do a list about some interesting comic information about the titular character. Here goes:

  1. Jessica Jones first appeared in Alias #1, under the MAX-imprint Marvel publishing in 2001. Her creator was Brian Michael Bendis.
  1. Ms. Jones was first appeared as the sole private investigator and proprietor of the ALIAS INVESTIGATIONS, handling cases about anything super-powered costumed related, including mutants.
  1. Speaking of super-powered, Jones is also super-powered. As a matter of fact, she was once a superhero under the moniker JEWEL.
  1. Continuity-wise, the future superhero and private investigator was actually a high-school contemporary of Peter Parker. Actually, she had a terrible crush on him. And, she was in the same laboratory on the same day where a radioactive spider bit her crush, Pete.
  1. As revealed in Alias  #21, she had a tragic past. She was the sole survivor of a vehicular accident. And her superpowers originated from a top-secret government-military chemical compound named “HAZARDOUS EXPERIMENTAL MATERIAL” that was exploded inside the car she and her family ride in.
  1. Jessica’s very first superhero act was knocking down the Scorpion, one of Spider-Man’s perennial adversaries, as shown in Alias #24.
  1. Captain America actually invited Jessica Jones to the Avengers way back. But due to the manipulation of a certain Daredevil villain for eight straight months, she reluctantly dropped out and lived under the radar since then.
  1. Well, Ms. Jones is a promiscuous type of gal. She slept with Luke Cage and even Scott “Ant-Man” Lang. In a “What If?” issue, she even ended up marrying Steve Rogers.
  1. Aside from superhuman strength, she can fly and possesses super durability as well.
  1. After completing her stint as a private investigator, she was hired by Peter Parker’s Daily Bugle boss, Jonah J. Jameson, as a newspaper journalist.
  1. She has a daughter actually. The name is Danielle Cage (yep, Luke Cage is the father).
  1. She has plenty of friends in the superhero community, particularly with some of Marvel’s “street-level” types, such as Matt Murdock, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and even the Punisher.
  1. To sum it up, Jessica Jones is your average lady around. To quote her creator, Bendis, on how she’s described, “She’s complicated.” NUFF SAID!

Paul Ramos