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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Adventures of Superman #3

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Stephen Segovia (A/C), 

Perhaps the most notable thing about Adventures of Superman #3 is that it takes place in pre-New 52 continuity. Now, I’m not sure if that’s the point of this new ongoing, as I don’t exactly follow Superman (or, well, DC Comics in general). It definitely appeals to me, though, as I’m one of the remaining handful of people who still haven’t swallowed the New 52 pill. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the costume designs (I particularly despise the change in Nightwing’s color scheme), or what I perceive to be the systematic butchering of characters I have at least a passing interest in, or the compressed timeline making very little sense in my admittedly small mind.

Anyway, back to the comic book before this turns into less of a Superman review and more of a rant about other comics-related things I have no control over *cough*SuperiorSpider-Man*cough*.

I’m familiar with Stephen Segovia’s Marvel work, and I like what he did here. It’s as if someone made Leinil Yu, Jim Lee and Dexter Soy draw their own versions of Superman and threw the results into a magical art blender. Yes, I know that’s not how blenders work, but come on, man, bear with me here. Analogies are hard, like mental algebra, understanding Ke$ha’s popularity, and Superman’s chest (probably). As I was saying, Stephen Segovia does a great job with this comic, and the quality of his art should be more than enough reason to buy this issue.

Thankfully, the story’s decent as well, so we’re not forced to look at a bunch of beautifully-drawn Sonichu-level fanfiction. Matt Kindt handles the whole “simultaneous storytelling” quite well, and while it’s a bit confusing at the beginning (thank God for consistent paneling), the stories start making sense pretty fast. My only gripe with the story itself is that (1) it features Superman doing a bunch of things that I’m not exactly sure he should be able to do, and (2) his internal narrative makes him sound like an optimistic Batman.

This is a great comic for people who miss the old, briefs-outside-pants Big Blue. You should do yourself a favor and get this issue. It’s good enough to make me want to track down the first two issues. 


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Mikael Angelo Francisco