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Reviewing Batman # 10 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo from DC Comics.

There are two aspects for this book that makes me give this the PICK OF THE WEEK vote. The first aspect is how it shapes the whole landscape for the Bat-mythos. The second revolves around the art.

Scott Snyder shows his prowess in writing Batman. We’ve seen him bring about a new Batman for the New 52 era and that Batman is certainly more serious and all that. Through the 10 issues that we’ve been following Snyder’s stories we get to see a lot of facets and retcons and secret histories not just for the Batman persona but also for Bruce Wayne. Well Batman # 10 ups the ante by introducing a fairly old concept (read Silver Age) and bring it in with a modern spin.

Now this review is going to be spoiler free but if you want the full Batman # 10 spoilers check out my site.

That being said, the mysterious new villain hits Batman right at the heart.

Capullo’s art for issue 10 once again shows how the artist can do creepy looking imagery while at the same time still providing some semblance of a superhero comic book. Excellent artwork and details on this ish. I also loved how Greg together with the rest of the art team for Batman provides the proper coloring effect to make the scenes burst. But massive, massive props to Capullo for pulling out this “Night of the Owls” tie-in.

As the days roll, do expect us to talk more about this new development in the life of Batman plus some negative comments we’ve been getting about this new “retcon”. However for this post, let’s celebrate. Because things just became a lot more exciting than what it normally is.

VERDICT: 10/10

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