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Comic book review for Deadpool # 1 by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Terry Moore from Comicx Hub!

The Merc with a mouth enters a new phase with a new book which is part of the Marvel NOW relaunch. This time he’ll be facing off against hordes of undead presidents including George Washington and FDR.

Daniel Way says goodbye to Wade as he gets a new creative team in the form of comedians Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan while the art is taken care of Tony Moore (The Walking Dead).

The new volume is a pretty interesting book. It has its moments and it puts Wade in a position where he wants to get on the good side of the good guys. He actually gets the chance to do with the necromancer spell that grows awry. Rather than face a negative public outcry over heroes killing dead presidents of the United States, SHIELD taps Deadpool to do the dirty work for them. This of course works well for Wade.

Regarding the first issue, I’m pretty surprised that the two writers were toning down the humor given that they are both accomplished comedians. Deadpool is still funny as heck but all the things that made him lovable during Way’s long-term run on the title has disappeared. He’s breaking the fourth wall in an infrequent manner and the three “voices” or word balloons have also gone the way of the dinosaurs. This was basically the more ‘serious’ Deadpool that we’ve seen in Uncanny X-Force rather than the traditional, goofy guy we’ve seen in every other medium.

The redesign for Deadpool looks totally bad-ass. It shouts change and redesign while at the same time keeping all the cool costume elements from the previous costume for this guy.

Tony Moore is doing a remarkable job with his take on Deadpool # 1 and the zombie POTUS. Its very reminiscent of his TWD run but at the same time its a breath of fresh air.

Again just to recap: Humor -still ho-hum. Art – good. Plot – Ok. Deadpool – perfect!

Verdict: 9/10

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Earl Maghirang