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‘Defenders’ to End With Issue #10, ‘Jessica Jones’ Gets New Female Writer


Jessica Jones (2016) #1

After the announcement of Brian Michael Bendis signing with DC, many were left wondering about the status of his current ongoings and characters. Recently, Bendis went to his Tumblr to finally give an update on his Marvel ongoings.

When a fan praised Bendis’ use of Deadpool in Defenders, he explained that he was glad he got one last chance to write the character, then later admitted that issue #10 will be the “big finale.”

“Thanks for all the defenders love today,” Bendis answered in his Tumblr. “These were all written before I knew I was leaving. It’s all so bittersweet. Issue 10 is our big finale. It has an ending.”

Jessica Jones, Bendis’ other ongoing title, however, will continue on. In fact, he has already picked someone to replace him, though he’s not revealed who so far.

“Truth told I was already leaving [Jessica Jones] after ‘Purple’ for a Marvel project that is sadly no longer, and had already picked my replacement,” Bendis said in another Tumblr post. She is amazing. I will not be updating you on Marvel’s plans here as it is theirs to announce and certainly not my place. But do not take that as anything but me respecting the process. I am so happy for all m’babies next evolution.”

Bendis assured his other creations Miles Morales and Riri will continue on in “fine Marvel fashion.”

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