Posted August 27, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

ED BRUBAKER Out JASON LATOUR In for “Winter Soldier”

Longtime Captain America and Winter Soldier writer Ed Brubaker is packing his stuff as he bids adieu to Bucky Barnes and the rest of his kooky espionage cast by Winter Soldier # 14 as announced in Toronto’s Fan Expo.

The Eisner award winning writer will be setting his sights on creator owned projects as well as help oversee the Hollywood adaptation of his book “Criminal”.

According to Brubaker the Winter Soldier story will end with # 14 or # #15 which signals the conclusion of the “Broken Arrow” storyline which pits the former Captain America sidekick against his current girlfriend Black Widow (yes they are a couple in the 616 Universe).

Ed also adds that while the story in itself will end, he has written the script to provide him with an easy access once he gets his free time and decides to continue chronicling Bucky’s life outside of the public eye. He plans to connect the Winter Soldier with the rest of the Marvel Universe first with a team-up with Wolverine…

Brubaker might be departing from the title but Marvel seems hell bent in driving more steam to this character especially with the announcement of his impending return in Captain America 2. The House of Ideas has also announced that a new series writer will be taking over after # 14 and that would be Jason Latour.

Latour’s take on the former Captain America sidekick is one that is dark and more serious. It’s actually fitting especially since Jason Latour did write meaner titles in the like “Untold Tales of the Punisher MAX” and much much more. So it’s pretty interesting how he goes from one theme to another style of storytelling.

Earl Maghirang