Posted January 11, 2011 by Timzster in Comics

Iron Man 2.0 #4 debuts War Machine’s new look

Marvel.com has just posted the new look and upgrade James “Rhodey” Rhodes will be getting via his best friend Tony Stark in the pages of the upcoming new ongoing series, “Iron Man 2.0“. Plot details and summaries released by the House of Ideas revealed that Rhodey will make the upgrade out of necessity to overcome a dangerous threat coming his way in his new ongoing series. What or who that is remains a mystery, but one things for sure… This is the new Iron Man 2.0. Take a look.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of what I see here. True, Rhodey stood in and took over for Stark once before as Iron Man, but he’s made a separate name for himself over the years as War Machine, and what I see here is an attempt to blend the two personas into one, and it just doesn’t work for me. War Machine should have shoulder cannons and heavy weapons attached to the armor, and this new suit just strips him down to make him a palette swap version of Iron Man (hence the name Iron Man 2.0 I guess). Unless Rhodey is getting the “Extremis” or “Bleeding Edge” treatment in the storyline to come, I’m not happy with the results. It’s like they took the concept of the Mark II upgraded to War Machine in Iron Man II and did the reverse.
For more on the story, you can read the rest of the details over at Marvel.com.
Iron Man 2.0 debuts a direction for James Rhodes starting on January 19!


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