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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Drop Dead Dangerous #4

Drop Dead Dangerous 04 covDROP DEAD DANGEROUS #4
Story by
Chad Cabrera
Art by
Mike Banting
Cover by
Mike Banting
Happy Lockjaw
Cover Price
PhP 80
Date of Release:
February 20, 2016
Other details:
32 pgs.
A macabre murder mystery manga by Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting, Drop Dead Dangerous is hardcore, hardboiled horror set in the weird, weird west! Death is in the air and ghosts of the past haunt the present in issue #4 as Jack and Alice continue their search for the truth surrounding the mysterious killer’s identity. But things are about to get even hotter as the sun sets and a seductive stranger makes her way between them. It’s going to be a long night—and not everyone will survive!
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