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KOMIKS REVIEW: Pinoy Totoy: Pi-Totoy #1

Carlo Valenzuela aka Olrac Jebs Tae (on Facebook) is an individual who I met when I started doing my own self-published komiks back in 2010. He released his first title: Boy Bakal: Ang Bakal na Stainless #1. In the world of local indie comics, it is hard to establish a name and work. Fortunately, Carlo’s name and work was indeed recognized slowly in the komiks scene with his funny antics in his Boy Bakal with a good clear concept about a boy who owns a junkshop and created a special armor, and named himself as a superhero – Boy Bakal. His character fights against some humorable and enjoyable villians and evil creatures in the series, like Bundat, Gigashet, Megalangot. I can best described his series as the way comics was served to be before – enjoyable and a distraction from one’s problem. Well that’s the way I perceive it coz, who anyone can’t get a hick out of the funny and witty names of his self-created villains? It’s like Image’s Chew. I must admit (and can’t deny that I too) have to work and improve the artwork. But, as the series progresses, Carlo’s scripts and storytelling keeps improving.

Anyway, my task at hand is not about his local blue Iron Man, but about his new creator-owned series – Pinoy Totoy: Pi-Totoy #1. Distinguished with his style and manner, this series is intertwined in his Boy Bakal universe and is merged in the issue. There is a minimal amount where there should be a comma and a period through dialogue. But, never mind that. The story is simple and fun. In my account, everybody can enjoy reading it. The storytelling and panelling was never a problem, yet I do sense that he needs to improve a bit in managing the positioning of some dialogue in the book.

The story never bored me in such way. It’s just one of those komiks where you just relax your mind, don’t discriminate and just enjoy the story. Like what I said before, ‘the way comics was served to be before’. To me, the first issue established a good foundation for the series. Let’s just wait for the second issue.

Norby Ela

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