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ONE-FOURTH INDIE REPORT: Chapel’s Huling Hirit?

NORBY ELA: Kamusta ang 2014 mo so far, Chapel?
CHAPEL: Masaya ang 2014 and mainly due to Elbikon.
NE: What happened sa Elbikon?
C: Maraming babae. OK, don’t put that in. [laughs]

May nagrerecord ba nito?
NE: Yes. [laughs] Did you get their contact info ba?
C: [Laughs] I regret having divulged that information. Para na tuloy akong Master Buten nito! And besides, a classy gentleman such as I don’t kiss and tell.
NE: Well, I guess what happens in LB, stays in LB, no?
C: But if you must know, all the information you ACTUALLY needed are available at the description section of our album.

NE: So are you working on new komiks to be released this year?
C: Well, yeah and no. [laughs]

And I’m sure you’re quite aware of this (since you are also part of it) but I am also part of the Pinoy Komiks’ effort to help out with the victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Does PINOY KOMIKS : FILIPINO COMICS ANTHOLOGY ring a bell?

It most certainly does and it was a pretty successful project to say the least.

So how about that, other than chasing skirts and flirting with girls, SSM! knows when to be serious and when to have fun. But most of the time we roll them up in ball making all our endeavors SERIOUSLY FUN!
And there is that other one I did for Carljoe (Javier) and company. I’m not sure if it could be released by Summer Komikon. (Heck, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share this information even!) but hopefully it does.

And sorry for being a jerk at the time you asked me this but hellz yeah, I have something planned for Summer Komikon. Actually, I’ve been working on it since last year.The title of the book is ENJU RIKI and basically it would be NINJAS vs PIRATES and everything else in between.

Hopefully it gets done by this month and hopefully I’d have a booth because for all you attentive types I was banned last year for some unspecified reasons. That or I must be scheduled for “GRADUATION” which would ultimately suck by the way.

NE: Banned? Ano ngyari? Sa tingin mo, ano ang reason on why you got “banned”?
C: Oh, you didn’t know?! And I wasn’t kidding when I made mention of this the last time we talked. Off the record na to and you may and may not include this in.

[Off the record talk]

NE: Wow! That sucks!

[More off the record talk]

NE: Anyway, anong memory ang gusto mong iwanan sa  komiks community and sa mga readers mo when you retire?
C: I’d want them to remember that SSM! pioneered color covers. Back when we were starting out, no one really bothered with quality or the enjoyment of the readers. We changed all that and we did it with flying colors.

The earlier SSM! books were so consumer friendly that we had to change several art style just to satisfy every critic that we had. And obviously this would also lead to us unsatisfied with what we created. But to heck with it, we ran with than because it was what the people wanted.

So don’t go on and brag about your compilations or pretty your binding is. I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. Like Chris Jericho, we invented everything so be thankful for our fuel that ignited the fire. And you’re all very welcome!

NE: If you would be an editor of an anthology book, who would be your contributors?
C: That’s where you’re wrong! I don’t wish to be the editor. I simply wished to be one of the contributors. As simple as that.

To be recognized for something you’ve done (and done quite exceptionally even) is honor enough. Don’t go telling me about all those old-timers and veterans and as to how they never really won anything their entire life. Well, that’s their problem and quite frankly they might have not been competitive enough or would rather be contented with where they stand and where they go within this industry.

That’s not very SSM!-like and quite frankly we are above that!

Sorry kung mayabang ang reply ko. These are simply the replies of someone who sincerely wants to see the industry change for the better.

And if I would be labeled as a non-conformist or an antagonist even then so be it! Good guys always finish last, so who the hell would wanna be a good guy?

Seriously? Teka! Ilan bang gusto mo?

NE: 13, I guess. Its ok, I understand. You are one passionate man.
C: 13, isn’t that an unlucky number? But here it is anyways.

If this list is too awesome, feel free to hide this list for later use.
1. Ray Magbanua
2. Klover Studio
3. Marius Black
4. Olracs Jebs Tae
5. Norby Ela (HEY, that’s you!)
6. Happy Lockjaw
7. Patrick Rawwrr
8. Nelz Yumul
9. Mervin Malonzo
10. Joanah Calingo
11. Aaron Felizmenio
12. Bokimkatje Komiks
and the legendary
13. Berlin Manalaysay

NE: From the start, sino ang mga individuals sa komiks scene, na nagustuhan mo and naging good friends?
C: I dunno. Josel (Nicolas), I guess!

I knew the guy way way back and even before there were any events/venues where you could sell your wares. At his young age he has indeed achieved a whole lot. Even more than he’d be credited for.

And then Macoy and several others would soon follow. All of which the brainchild of the awesomest group in the universe, the COSMIC QBCCC OSMOSI CREW! The same group that would spearhead the insanely popular BLTX. And the rest as they would say is history. But undeniably most of our other friends were gained by being their Komikon seatmates. That awkward silence and endless exchange of sighs and the undying question: “May pambarya ka sa *amount at hand*?” Tis sure to make you bloodbrothers/sister and make bonds that would last a lifetime or even longer.

NE: what is your last komiks going to be? would you return into the game someday?
C: You know what, all this talk about retiring makes me don’t wanna retire….like at all.

I guess I wanted it to come out naturally. Like a cool breeze during spring time, or like a bear hunting for salmon…. I don’t wanna force it, it will happen when it happens. But the deadline is most certainly around 2015.

Hopefully towards the end because I seriously have a ton of collaboration works that I wished to finish or even start with at the very least. But if you must know, the final book would be a love letter to all our beloved readers, to all our friends and FAMILE members even. Recycled materials and several other materials that would be done specifically for this last issue. None of which would appear online or would any of it’s content be previewed on any other fancy schmancy medium other than the good ol’ booky-wook.

Years in the making and sadly we can’t start a Kickstarter account here but it’s my fervent desire that the last issue be a coffee table book with all the punk and rebellious attitude of an acne ridden teenager.

All contained in one easy reading book that is sure to shock or amuse the masses. But hey, quit bothering with me with all these questions. The  retirement will and would only happen if the industry remained the same and if lady luck had decided we are officially too old to do this. But, if not then TULOY PA RIN ANG LIGAYA, so to speak!

I’d have to return because I need to finish MONA and several other titles I’ve started along the way. I can’t leave a legacy of countless number 1’s but it sound so much better than a legacy of number 2’s because number 2’s are synonymous with poop and that would certainly not look too well on anyone’s resume.

NE: OK, let’s get back on track. Tell me about Enju Riki.
I’m about to release a new book entitled ENJU RIKI. In a nutshell it’s basically every single Shonen Jump title/anime clichés rolled into one tasty sushi.
Seeing that none of the newer anime titles appeals to me, I choose to make one based on all those titles I liked as a child. 90’s Titles like  DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), Ghostfighter and Marimar.

NE: Is it a one shot? Mini-series? Continuing?
C: It’s supposed to be a continuing series but will end depending as to when and where I’d stop making them. But I sincerely hope to finish a title, kahit isa lang. [laughs]

If you loved MONA before then you’d surely swoon over this title as well. Because I just pulled a “THE HANGOVER 2-putting the characters in Bangkok” sort of deal. I’m kidding of course, it’s a good title (and this is me, rarely praising my own material). Humourous but not dumb. Simply put, it’s The kind that makes you either wanna slap your knee laughing or slap the author for creating such material. I actually enjoyed my own scripts for this and most of the time (for me at least) that is a sure sign that I have yet another masterpiece at hand.

So the lesson here is to just have fun, enjoy your own material and the fame and bitches would soon follow. Ok, never mind that last part [laughs].

So yeah, walang ganun. I’m terrible at math. I’m a fake Asian and I don’t fall into any of the stereotypes.

NE: What could people expect sa table mo this years con?
C: Ah, secret! But, I’ve been meaning to keep it simple and minimalistic after the Castle Grayskull display. Because, quite frankly, there’s no topping that!
NE: No famicom display this year?
C: Well hindi ko siya pinagana so not really all that effective. But it got a lot of laughs at yun din naman talaga yung dahilan sa pagdala ko dun sa dalawang yun.
NE: Laughs and photographs, solb na ako dun. One of the joys sa ganyang events, no?
C: Yes, indeed!

NE: Do you think you will sign a woman’s undergarment again? [laughs]
C: Well, hopefully my friend, hopefully! And once we do, Flipgeeks would undoubtedly get the first scoop, jowk lang!

Contributions of any other undergarments are more than welcomed as well. Provided that they have been washed, punani/odorless and free of tiny brown hair! Signatures on any curves surface is free of charge just as long as they are not man boobs or shiny heads of sweaty bald men. SSM! has the right to deny/allow requests on the basis of their mood.

Before we do get sidetracked. That is most definitely one of the highlight of Elbikon. Picture evidence, why yes I got me one of those!
*but don’t publish haha or rather publish the one with the rolled up 50 bucks*

SSM! also won 3 month’s worth of premium membership for the Capcom Art Competition at DeviantArt and had gotten retweets from the one and the only cosplay legend, Omi K Gibson!

So yeah, we’re STILL in our A-game and just like wolvie, we’re still the best at what we do!

OK, ikaw ng bahala. Cut what you think is too boastful or too bitter. But I have to remind you na ok lang din sakin yun. Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. [laughs] nerd na nerd.

NE: Nah, man. You are what you are. That’s what people see in you. At least cool pa rin si Josel and Macoy sayo. [laughs]
C: Thank you, I was actually waiting for you to pull off an ALFRED – “Some men just want to see” speech. Norby, you disappoint me!

Jowk! [laughs]

Cool sakin si Josel because I owe meeting Adam and Carljoe to Josel. And I’m not the kind of friend that forgets or disregard s a friend’s effort. Because seriously, who does that sort of thing? A douchebag, that’s who!

At may kasabihan nga, ang di marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay si DEREK ZOOLANDER

[Ends with off the record talk]


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