Posted July 23, 2017 by Mico Orda in Comics

THE DEFENDERS Trailer #2 Unveils the War for New York!

It’s less than a month before the four vigilante’s team up against a greater, formidable force. The trailer features these reluctant heroes, their dynamics, notably Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock’s banter with a hint of humor amidst the danger and the war for New York against The Hand.

Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra, the team’s adversary shows to be a force to reckon with, her elegant yet terrifying presence defined the two minute trailer that’s jaw dropping, and chilling which is for sure to be one of the exciting parts of the series other than the team up.Sigourney-Weaver-as-Alexandra-in-The-Defenders

Character callbacks from the previous shows such as Colleen Wing, Foggy Nelson Trish Walker, etc. albeit shown briefly were a good treat to see and it’s interesting how their interactions would play out given the fact this scene with Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho) and Alexandra is a compelling one, the clip below teases their


All 8 episodes will be released globally on August 18.

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