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Few weeks ago, Flipgeeks reported Hipon Gamay – a new project with the involvement of RH Quilintang (Manila Man) and Od Ree. Also a few weeks ago, I had a chat with RH about it.

Flipgeeks: Tell me about ‘Hipon Gamay’?
RQ Quilintang: Hipon Gamay is a character who is looking for something only to find out that what hes been searching for is right in front of him.

Yun lang. Hehe.

FG: Bakit yun ang title? Hahaha. Short interview na to. Hehehe
RQ: Kasi sya yung bida. Hahaha.

FG: Anung ibig sabihin ng ‘Hipon Gamay’?
RQ: Hipon Gamay. ‘Gamay’ in Bisaya is small. And it doesn’t have any relevance to the story. Hahaha.

FG: Ito ba ay continuing series, mini-series o one-shot ba?
RQ: Sa ngayon, 4 books na yung na-iplot namin ni Odree ng paglabas ng titingnan pa namin kung kakayanin ng twice a year.
FG: Nice. Ilang pages ang first issue? And ano ang price?
RQ: Yung price, ‘di pa kasi sure kasi we’re considering a colored cover din eh. Titingnan pa namin. 1st ish is 32 pages.

FG: Wow. Sipag. Hehehehe. So, kaw ang nagsulat ng script and Odee is the artist? For Summer Komikon ba?
RQ: Yup, yup! I think we started working on the pages last October. a page per week. then lately, we picked up the pace para by February, tapos na.

And yes, it’s for Summerkon.

FG: Nice, man. Good luck dyan, man.
RQ: Thanks, Norb. Excited na nga kaming dalawa. Haha.

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