Posted April 29, 2014 by Tony Tuason in Comics

WinterWorld Graphic Novel By Chuck Dixon Headed To Xbox as Live Action Series

The graphic novel WinterWorld by Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino for Eclipse Comics (and reprinted by IDW) is set to be become a live action series. Yesterday, Microsoft announced their plans for their first batch of “Xbox Originals” programming and one of them was WinterWorld.

Here’s a statement from their press release:

“Xbox Entertainment Studios and IDW Entertainment are co-developing a limited event live-action series based on Chuck Dixon and artist Jorge Zaffino’s seminal graphic novel series “Winterworld,” in which our world has been encased in ice from pole-to-pole. The surviving humans have formed tribes that war, enslave and trade with one another in an effort to survive the infinite winter. Ted Adams and David Ozer from IDW Entertainment, and Rick Jacobs and Dave Alpert from Circle of Confusion (“Walking Dead”) will executive produce.”

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