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A Possible Costume for Captain America for Captain America: The Winter Solider

A possible new costume for Captain America for Captain America 2 has been revealed via concept art.

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Gets A Release Date!

Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have officially announced a release date for their second Captain America film and follow up to Captain America: The First Avenger! The movie is set for an April 4, 2014 release, and will...

First Look at Hot Toys Red Skull from Captain America The First Avenger

Here's your first look at the new Red Skull figure from Hot Toys.


Check out the Bootlegged Trailer for The Avengers

Check out the bootlegged trailer for The Avengers featuring the ensemble cast.
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New Images for Captain America: The First Avenger

New images for Captain America: First Avenger which stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America and directed by Joe Johnston.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Thor Movie Poster

Comic Book Fans are excited for the release of the ‘Thor…’ movie on May 6, 2011. Not only them, but everyone, like kids, adults, senior citizens, hot chicks, dogs & cats and etc. They really wanna see Tho...

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First Captain America images and more (stunt double, HYDRA)

Courtesy of The Daily Mail, we now have the first images of Captain America , though its only a stunt double.