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USB Tapes: 90’s meets 2000’s.

Cassette Tapes. Video Tapes.  Perfect for a flashback and probably placing it to your small box of memorabilia. But USB Tapes? Yes. USB Tapes. You have read it right, USB Tapes.

After tapes faded out as media’s platform, many new means of getting music had appeared. Since technology is a never-ending  discovery and a series of trial and error, here comes another one that might tickle your techie side.

One band is going to launch their album using UBS tapes. It is quite an intriguing way to place their music in such platform. Those USB tapes will contain their music and also some information regarding the band.  However, there will be only 100 copies to be made for the launch day and can only be purchase on the said date.

USB tapes

Interesting? Will this be a new way to share music in such very small way?  For more information, you can actually check out the band and the one which made this wonderful creation.

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