Posted June 24, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Anime/Manga

BLACK BUTLER Live-Action Movie To Hit Local Cinemas This July!

After months of anticipation, Black Butler’s live action adaptation will finally have its local premiere on SM Cinemas this coming July.

Based on Yana Toboso’s manga series of the same name, the film centers on Shiori Phantomhive, an egoistical lady who serves as the Queen’s Watchdog – a position which gives her the task of solving cases in the underworld. Bent on seeking revenge for her parents’ deaths, she enters into a contract with an enigmatic black-clad butler named Sebastian Michaelis, who in turn becomes her bodyguard and loyal protector. Unknown to many, Sebastian is actually a demon-in-disguise who will eventually consume Shiori’s soul once her revenge is complete.

The movie stars Hiro Mizushima(Kamen Rider Kabuto) in the titular role. Joining him are Ayame Gouriki as Shiori, along with Mizuki Yamamoto, Yuka, Yuu Shirota(Prince of Tennis) and Takuro Ohno.

Black Butler will hit SM Cinemas July 23rd. Here’s the trailer:

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