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First Impressions : Fate/Zero

Title: Fate/Zero

Written by: Gen Urobuchi

Genre: Action: Contemporary Fantasy, Horror, Thriller


Fate/Zero, within 12 episodes of it’s first season, this show has gotten me more hooked than a cold scoop ice cream on a nice and warm brownie. In a nutshell, this show has it all and lives up to a standard that should be looked up to by future animes. From it’s incredible animation, it’s high quality directing and fight choreography, it’s diverse character range, to it’s captivating storyline. This does things that other shows and anime should live up to. Here are my 4 cents on what makes this show so good.

Number 1: It’s ANIMATION

Fate Zero’s animation is one of the smoothest i’ve ever scene in alot of animes. From it’s normal 2d animations, to it’s pseudo 3d elements, Fate Zero takes care in it’s animation quality in all it’s episodes. The action is fast, well timed and smooth, the lighting is well thought of and always taken into consideration, the 3D isn’t over-used, and when it IS used, it is used well…very very well. Even how a character’s muscles in his neck moves as he speaks, shows volumes of how much care was taken into animating this show.

Sure the show does falter in it’s animation quality at times, to avoid needless expenses. But the next point i’m about to make covers these moments of “low quality animation”….

Number 2: It’s DIRECTING! 

The directing for Fate Zero should be the new standard in japan for any animation. It’s dynamic angles and timing, sugar coat and give flavor to an otherwise “boring” moment, such as when characters are speaking, or even just hanging out for a drink.

It’s angles are well thought out ,dynamic and angled in every shot to make sure that no scene is “flat”. It’s use of lighting is in-genius, as it sets the mood for every encounter and every thought of the characters. Battles are dynamic and captivating, where timing of each blow was timed to perfection. Out all the points im gonna  make in this article, Fate’s directing and fight choreography is something i think that stands out among all it’s qualities. It is “film” quality directing, IN a multiple episode tv series.

Number 3: It’s DIVERSE characters

Fate Zero’s character, most of them anyway, stand out from each other. Almost every member of it’s 14 “key” characters is well fleshed out, with their own motivations and personalities separating them well from each other.

examples include, a boisterous, hulking red headed man who is cocky and loud, to a scarred man who almost seems like a husk of his former self, to a loving and beautiful wife,  to stalwart, valiant and brave warrior, to an arrogant and self-loving king. Each and every character stands out on their own.

Number 4: It’s STORY

Fate/Zero’s story is nothing short of incredible. Well thought out and very emotional. It has characters we can identify with, whose values we can connect with, and thus immerse us into the story. It has moments of sheer terror, of cold blooded murder and psychotic episodes. It has moments of valor and bravery, of action and of determination. It has moments that give the underlying reasons why those moments occur.

Nothing in this show is shallow or flat, each action, each moment is well defined. The story doesn’t just happen “because it has to happen” like alot of animes have done so in the past, characters don’t clash and fight because there was some “mysterious destiny” that brought them together, no…they talk and they fight for their own motivations, which are defined by their own back stories.


In summary. My first impressions of Fate/Zero were nothing but spectacular. And i believe this show, should be the started for all animations in japan in the future, if it didn’t set the standard already.





Mikhail Manuel