Posted June 8, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Anime/Manga

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Official Trailer Shines Through The Web!

After 22 years since its last season’s broadcast, Sailor Moon returns – this time, in a reboot series with ties closer to that of the original manga’s run.

Entitled Sailor Moon Crystal, it follows the same story we knew in the anime, minus the fillers and the slapstick humor as the trailer implies. Another thing worthy of note are the slight changes in terms of the Sailor Senshi’s design, particularly Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon(the former now sports the Venus Love-Me-Chain as part of her costume, whereas Sailor Moon now has her hair accessories only seen in her upgraded Super Sailor Moon form in Sailor Moon S).

Check the trailer below!

Sailor Moon Crystal premieres July 5 in Japan.

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