Posted May 22, 2015 by Drew Bagay in Anime/Manga

This Hayao Miyazaki-Inspired Animated Short Is Simply Beautiful

For the past month an animated student film is making the rounds online and garnering massive praise especially in Japan, according to Open Portal.

Created by Gwenn Germain, Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux (Girls and Guys from the Summits and the Skies) is an animated trailer that looks like it sprung from the mind of Hayao Miyazaki himself. It’s no wonder since the creator cites Hayao Miyazaki as his major influence, along with Jean Geraud and Syd Mead. Germain is a student in the French school Créapole.

In the video description, the trailer pitch is about “a young boy who lives in a village on a giant tree, fall in the depth of the forest where he meets two strange natives who will help him to go back home.”

Watch the video above to see the gorgeously animated short film by Gwenn Germain.

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