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Up and Coming Anime Of Summer 2014: Part 1

Winter has ended and summer is just around the corner, especially in the likes of the country with four seasons like Japan. And for anime enthusiasts, summer is just another time for them to buckle up themselves in their seat, grab their popcorn and feast their eyes in the new releases(or sometimes, sequels).

This summer’s line up actually features some comebacks(for girls, there is a special one.. and don’t worry, guys.. you have your own dose too.), set of romantic comedies that will tug your heartstrings, and some roll of bad-ass sci-fi and fantasy adventure. So, get your little notes and start jotting one by one the titles in this list that will tickle your inner otaku soul.  Let’s do the Part One roll call!


Part One

TV SERIES (Part One!)

1. Akame Ga Kill (Action, Adventure, Fantasy)

-  Akame Ga Kill is original story of Takahiro and art by Tetsuya Tashiro. It is under the studio of White Fox. This anime features a story of a fighter being robbed by a pretty girl and then meeting another girl and probably at the end.. well, might form a group of justice fighters. It’s starting date of showing will be on July 07.

2. Aldnoah.Zero (Action, Mecha, Sci-fi)

- If you are into some machines and steel and want some good ol’ justice in a fist of mecha, this might be your anime this summer. Aldnoah.Zero was produced by Aniplex (famous for their works like Naruto, Yakitate Japan, Full Metal Alchemist), A-1 Pictures and TROYCA. The anime was said schedule to be aired on July 2014.

3. Ao Haru Ride (Comedy, Romance, Shoujo)

- This is the start of giddy part of the summer anime list. Ao Haru Ride is based on the manga written by Io Sakisaka and was serialized under Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret last February 2011. The set-up of the story was about a girl who wants to “reset” her image and life because she was being criticized by her female classmates for being cute, and she can’t get across to her middle high school crush. Now that they’ve met again in high school and had finally “reset” herself… the next line is.. that’s for you to find out.

4.  Bakumatsu Rock (Music)

- Last year, summer was graced by seven boys doing their own music in the present age. Now, Bakumatsu Rock is set during Bakumatsu era at the end of 19th century. And during this century, making music besides the Heaven’s songs is against the law. Now, it’s up to freedom fighters like Sakamoto Ryouma to use rock ‘en’ roll to bring justice. Produced under NAS (produced Rockman.EXE and Shin Captain Tsubasa) and Studio Deen (the studio that brought life to Rurouni Kenshin and Getbackers), it’s time of summer that will rock and roll to justice!

5. Barakamon (Comedy, Slice of Life) 

- Barakamon is adapted from the series of manga released by Square Enix written by Satsuki Yoshino. This anime features the life of a calligrapher named Seishu Handa as he was exiled by his immature behavior. Produced by Kinema Circus, follow his adventures starting July 5.

6. DRAMAtical Murder (Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological)

- This anime is adapted from a visual novel developed by Nitro+chiral for Windows PC last March 2012. Produced by studio NAZ, DRAMAtical murder is set in the near future Japan where there was a virtual fighting game and all people are addicted until one by one disappeared. It’s up to Aoba Seragaki to discover the secrets of the game and uncover them one by one.

7. Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Magic)

- It’s all about girls, Earth’s pulsation and magic! A sequel from the previous anime that ended last September 2013, it’s the continuation of Ilya and her magic and how to subdue those pulsations.

8. Free! Eternal Summer (Sports, Comedy, School, Slice of Life)

- Okay girls, hold on your tissue boxes as the boys of Iwatobi High School Swimming Club splashes again to your screen! From Kyoto Animation, this anime continues the journey of Nanase Haru as he realized his dreams (and his love for water) with his friends.

9.  Futsuu No Joshikousei ga Locodol Yatte Mita (Comedy, Seinen)

- A story about being the local idols and the life that encircles it. Adapted from the manga written by Kotaro Kosugi and produced by studio FEEL, the anime features the story of two girls as they experience life outside being normal and being famous and how it feels that their pay roll just go to their taxes. Lots of comedy will be coming in your way.

10. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen)

- This romantic comedy written by Izumi Tsubaki under the serialization of Square Enix features a girl whose confession was misinterpreted by the guy of his dreams and ends up becoming an assistant. Under the production of Dogakobo, this love story will pop up in your TV screen somewhere on July 2014.

11. Glasslip (Slice Of Life)

- Glasslip is a television series produced by P.A Works (Angel Beats, Another) that features a story of a 17-year old girl who wants to be a glass artisan and meet other six high school student during summer. What’s next? We don’t know and that’s all for us to find out.

12. Hanamonogatari ( Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy)

- It is the second sequel of the Monogatari series produced by Shaft and Kodansha. It features Suruga Kanbaru and it’s set to be aired on August 2014.

13.  Hanayamata (Seinen, Slice of Life)

- Being normal is 14-year old, Naru Sekiya until she meets a fairy and her adventures starts behind being normal. Under the Madhouse Studio (Trigun, BECK) and with music by MONACA, this slice-of-life anime will surely bring your normal summer to something extraordinary.

14. Jinsei (Slice of Life)

- Licensed under Feel studios (Galaxy Angel 4, Da Capo), the series centers around a boy Yuki Akamatsu who was assigned to the advice column of their school’s newspaper and his adventures starts with three more girls in that column.

15. Kantai Collection (Fantasy)

- Kantai Collection or known to online gamers as KanColle, is derived from an online browser card battle game developed by Kadokawa games. Under the production of Diomedea (Bokurano, Nanatsuiro Drops) , the series stars the life of Fubuki.

16. Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural)

- Sounds familiar? Sebastian and Ciel is now back in the television (and girls, hold your hearts again. ). This time, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus will start in Curry Contest Arc which was mentioned on the first anime. Under A-1 pictures, this anime will grace television screens on July 2014.

17. Love Stage (Comedy, Gender Bender, Shounen Ai)

- Warning: Girls, hold your squeals. Guys. Don’t mind this part.  Love Stage in the anime adaptation of one of the famous yaoi manga circulating in the manga universe. Written by Eiki Eiki and was serialized by Kadokawa Shounen, it is a story of a boy born into a famous family of entertainers. However, he doesn’t like to get involve with entertainment industry and would like to be mangaka (manga creator). Well, until he met Ryouma… and well, that’s for you to find out.

18. Majimoji Rurumo (Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen)

- From J.C Staff and originally created by Watanabe Wataru, Majimoji Rurumo surrounds under wishes and witches and cats. Well, and a boy who only likes girls and nothing else. Let’s see how will wishes and witches will help him that.

19. Momo Kyun Sword (Fantasy,  Magic)

- In this anime, the famous Japanese figure Momotaru is a girl named Momoko, who is born from a giant peach and will embark a heroic journey to fight for her land.. but what will be the difference? Under Tri-Slash Project and Project No. 9 Studios, it is scheduled to air on July 2014.

20. Nobunaga Concerto (Historical, Romance, Shounen)

- Produced by Fuji TV (One Piece, HunterXHunter) this is one of the historical anime that will be shown this summer. Nobunaga Concerto concentrates on a high school boy who time-travels and landed to Japan’s Sengoku Era. There, he much become Nobunaga Oda and unite Japan.

 And that, otakus, is the round one of list of the animes going to be released this summer.  Stay tune for more updates!


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