Posted December 25, 2013 by Jaclyn Tan in Books

WAYNE OF GOTHAM – Some Places Just Have a Hunger About Them

For going on seventy five years, the story of a young orphan who rose from tragedy and grew up to become one of the most feared costumed heroes has captivated the imaginations of millions around the world. His skills, intelligence, and determination have given rise to hundreds of comics, movies, novels, television series, and animated series. His popularity grew until Bruce Wayne and Batman have become household names.

Wayne of Gotham cover

But despite that popularity, little is known about the parents of Bruce Wayne – whose deaths set a young boy on the path of becoming a crime fighter and caped superhero. In Wayne of Gotham, author Tracy Hickman takes on the task of bringing to life these influential figures in Bruce Wayne’s life.

The mystery begins when Batman faces a handful of armed civilians and criminals whose memories have been manipulated to make them seek Batman’s death. But it’s not just regular Gothamites who have fallen into this memory-manipulator’s clutches; several figures from Batman’s rogue gallery have become pieces of a puzzle, playing to this manipulator’s schemes.

As Batman delves deeper to find the identity of this manipulator however, he finds evidence that his own father wasn’t as perfect as he thought. The more rogues become involved, the more evidence sprouts up, and soon Batman is left to figure out what his father was involved in, and who are the ones tasked to clean up his mistake.

Wayne of Gotham is a noir mystery that questions just who Bruce Wayne’s parents are – a couple born from old money, surrounded by society figures with a loyal former British spy on retainer. It tells of how one man, despite his good intentions, can make one wrong decision that will affect Gotham City and its citizens for generations to come.

This is a novel that not only adds to the Batman mythos with its historical and technical details on Batman’s equipment and Gotham’s architecture, but also shows a Bruce Wayne that could have developed had there been no Robin to follow him: a reclusive billionaire whose only outlet would be his struggle against the criminals of Gotham.

Jaclyn Tan