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Art Merch Aplenty at Komiket 2017!

Komiket 2017 is getting closer, and for those looking for art merch like stickers and posters, here’s some more art vendors that are going to be present. Check them out below.

Alissa Evangelista Komiket Merch

1. Postcards and Prints – the postcards are all watercolor illustrations printed in 300gsm Old Mill paper. Most illustrations are artist originals but I also made illustrations based on TV series/movies such as Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn and Stranger Things characters. Price: P50

Some illustrations are also available in 8″x10″ inches prints for P200.

2. Sticker Sets – Stickers are available in 7 sets: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Sweets and Treats A and B, Furry Animals, and The Wanderer. All stickers are semi-waterproof and matte-laminated. Price: P100

Stickers are also available per piece at P20/each

3. Button Pins (1″x1″ inch in size) are available in 12 designs for P25.

All products are also available at The Wander Space in Maginhawa and The Craft Central in Greenbelt 5. Check out Alissa Evangelista’s booth (booth #77) along with fellow independent artists at Komiket this Saturday. She’s also on Instagram @beyondreverie.

AE_Postcards AE_Sticker_Sets_1

Curiosity Studios

Curiosity Studios is a group of artists from different fields of animation and design. Here’s some of the merch available from them at Komiket. Contact: curiositydotstudios@gmail.com

Neal Lim (Instagram: @siennasharpie)

Trooper Stickers – 25 PHP per sticker
A little Fan Stickers of the classic trooper helmets in different designs.

Work Encourgement Stickers – 25 PHP per sticker
Work encourgement stickers inspired but tough times with freelance or office work.

Original Prints – 80 PHP per print
Limited numbered prints of an illustration series on women and nature.

Fan Prints – 50 PHP per print
Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Hunger Games fan post cards.

NL_Star_Wars_Poster NL_MGS_PosterNL_Women_01 NL_Women_02

Kata Alamon (Instagram: @doesthatcomewfries)

Cat Stickers – in various forms and occupations (20 PHP per sticker)

Self-Care Stickers Pack – It started out as making a sticker pack for my therapist as a present, so I thought I’d create a newer set. I love things that have gentle reminders on them and figured others might too. (P100/pack with 7 stickers)

Tindahan Sa Kanto – There are a lot of pop-up tindahans around Taft and thought it was really amazing (if not illegal) how they’ve managed to build a working store given the space. This was originally a print I had made for the Inkfest exhibit last year, and is my favorite. (P60/print)

Bookmarks – Mermaid and puppers. (40 PHP)

Corgi Mermaid_bookmarkKA_Cat Stickers. KA_Self-Care_Stickers.

Jenissa Gonzales

Passing Days 6×4 art print, (P55)

I’ve wanted to draw a ‘story’ the same as how Disney/Pixar create their concept arts. They can successfully convey feelings, emotions and stories into their art. I drew Passing Days with that in mind. The story behind Passing Days is, when my grandmother died, we never told her that my mom already passed away. I’ve come up with a scenario that they would finally meet in heaven and drew them as kids.

In Flight 8×10 art print (P70)

I became an animator on my first job, even though I took Fine Arts course in college and I never knew animation back then. When I painted this, I have a goal in mind that someday, I will have an animated version of this art.

jenissa_1 jenissa_2

NeonBeat / Francis Blake

Francis Blake is a 19 year old freelance illustrator residing in Angeles, Pampanga. It’s his first time attending Komiket.

BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA – Only available as a poster (150 PHP)
RED VS. GOLD – Only available as a poster (200 PHP). Red and Gold will be available as individual postcards (50 PHP).

NB_Boku_no_Hero_Academia NB_REDvsGOLD

Draft Party

Draft Party is a fairly new art circle filled with members eager to create locally brewed art. While they’re starting out with simple merchandise such as stickers and prints, they hope to create products that successfully showcase the collaborations of writers and artists in the form of comics, illustrated stories or poetry, etc.

DP_Ace Attorney_Hamilton_Mystic Messenger_stickers DP_Buhay_Kolehiyo_stickers DP_Original_prints DP_Yuri_on_Ice_stickers

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